Hi my beautiful postpartum mamas. I wanted to honor the sacred attention you need right now. 

Birthing a baby is exhausting, both physically & emotionally. You are now navigating being in the body of a whole new you that you may not recognize, and that can be terrifying. You are particularly vulnerable right now and you can feel like no other soul understands. 

I am here for you. We are all connected & moving through our healing in unison.

While mild baby blues is common for new mamas or even second or third births, this will normally go away after 2 weeks post delivery. Estrogen and progesterone levels drop significantly postpartum & your hormones will take a while to readjust. But postpartum depression is a more severe, debilitating version starting weeks or months after giving birth, lasting up to a year. Being aware of the warning signs is key.

Signs of postpartum depression or anxiety:

  • You feel lost, tired, overwhelmed

  • Have major changes in eating or sleeping habits – overeating/undereating, oversleeping/insomnia 

  • Can’t stop crying 

  • Feel worthless & guilty – thinking you’re a bad mother

  • Withdraw from friends & family 

  • Feel rage & aggression

  • Lack of interest or motivation in bonding with your baby & doing regular activities

  • Don’t want to be touched or have sex

  • Suicidal tendencies or thoughts of harming your baby

  • Excessive thinking & worrying about how to handle the huge responsibility of taking care of another precious life

  • Panic attacks, hyperventilation, sweating & heart palpitations

These ongoing symptoms are not normal and this isn’t talked about enough, babes. 

This is tender to my heart because you are not alone. 1 in 7 mamas are diagnosed with postpartum depression (PPD). And 1 in 5 mamas experience other types of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD). This is not your fault & you could not have prevented this from happening. 

I’m Here For You

As a Sacred Doula, I will be able to notice any psychological changes in you during the postpartum period. I will help you get back to who you are – focusing on attuning your body & mind with the infinite wealth of your spirit. I devote my time to making sure you surrender to rest after your triumphant birth. It is after you’re home & starting a new life with your tiny human that it can all hit you. Decompressing and focusing on your own divine needs is incredibly beneficial for your sweet baby.

I want to remind you that you deserve to be given as much love & care as we give our little babes. Fuck being a perfect mama – you are a goddess and you are doing your best. 


Don’t keep things to yourself or suffer in silence, sisters. It’s okay to not be okay. And if you’re a friend of a mama that just had a new baby, ask her if she’s okay (you may need to ask more than once loves!).

Learn more about how I can support you here: https://taraneynicole.com/sacred-birth-work/

Big Love,

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