If you’re feeling stuck, negative, or just overall low, one of the best ways to raise your vibe is through smudging. Smudging is the act of using the smoke from sacred plants to find spiritual balance and cleansing on all levels. By burning herbs you can clear your field from any toxins. This could be your home, office, person, or even your car. In this blog post I talk about about smudging in hopes that you can explore these tools on your own!

Using sacred smoke for spiritual cleansing is a tradition that has been passed down in almost every indigenous culture. My deep found love for sacred smoke began with the Native Americans / First Nations. From the start of my spiritual journey I was instantly memorized by their intuitive knowledge about plants. Juniper berries, Sage, Cedar, Sweet Grass, and many other plants have been passed down to me from their practices.

Sitting down, calming your mind, and burning herbs in ceremony is one of the most sacred ways to tune into Mother Earths magic. It’s little moments like these that balance our mind, body, and spirit.

The world of smudging runs across many cultures. Each plant medicine comes with its own specific healing abilities and can be used in a variety of ways.

Here are a few of my favorite smudges!


One of the most known herbs used by the Natives, sage dispels negative energy. Once it clears the negative energy out, it then establishes a positive environment. Sage is also good for digestion when taken orally or experienced through smoke! Sage is perfect to burn before bed to cleanse out any stuck energy from our day.

Palo Santo

This sacred smudge comes from the coasts of South America. It is actually the tree bark that holds to deep cleansing properties. Personally i carry palo on me all day, every day! It gives off amazing sweet notes and truly just smells amazing. When burned, all stagnant air becomes cleared. It raises the energy of any given space, and it is a perfect tool to use before meditation. Some indigenous people believe that burning palo santo enhances creativity and brings good fortune.


This powerful smudge is most known for being used by the Egyptians. Personally I enjoy frankincense as a resin, which needs a coal in order to smoke! It removes negative energy, provides protection, and brings spiritual awareness. It is a perfect smudge to use for anyone is looking for stress and anxiety relief. Purifies the mind, body, and spirit.


Mmm Copal is a gorgeous smudge that comes from the Bunesa tree family also grown in South America. Both the Mayans and Aztects knew its powerful healing properties and used it in almost all their ceremonies. It strengthens our peace-of-mind and removes all energy blockages. Copal also brings the chakras into alignment and really helps to bring clarity to ones conscious mind.

Sweet Grass

This healing plant has been harvested by the Native Americans, who saw it as mother Earths healing hair. It is a great smudge to use in ceremonies, especially when working with feminine energies. Our Natives knew its ability to carry our prayers and be the corridor that brings them! Sweet Grass has also been know to help us be more kind and open hearted. It is harvested, braided, and then once it’s dry it can be smoked


This loving herb is not commonly used in smudging, but I have truly come to love its smudging properties. Lavender anchors down meditative energy. It helps me relax if I’m feeling anxious, and it aids in my ability to center myself while doing healing work. It is also known as an relaxing herb. Lavender brings us balance, and I find that it is good at connecting us to our spirit guides. Arch Angels love Lavender!


Cedar smoke warms my soul. This gorgeous smudge heightens our energy and brings us into alignment with truth. Cedar carries a really positive energy and is perfect to bring more vibrancy into your life. It returns balance when burned and is perfect to use on Full Moons.


Rosemary is a common household herb that works perfectly as a smudge. Rosemary clears out all negative energy. Bad vibes are no match for this herb.. if you’re feeling low or influenced by any negativity energies, burn this herb! It is also extremely good at cleansing our air from harsh bacteria. Perfect to use when moving into a new home.

How to Use Smudges

From what I have discovered, using smudges of any kind is a very personal and spiritual journey. It is important to find your own way. I am simply sharing my own practice with these herbs. Smudging has become a very powerful ritual for me. Every morning i clear my energy with Palo Santo. Its sweet smell wraps around my body getting me a ll set for the day. Whereas other herbs I only use for special occasions. I also use them for cleansing my crystal and all of the Earthney Spirit Gear! Below are some specific ways I use smudges on specific occasions.

Using Resins in Ceremony

Smudging has historically been used as an initiator in ceremonies. Resins are really great for this! Some of you may know that I am the co-founder of Houston Healing Circles, we do mass meditations and cleanings in the city. I always use resins for our ceremonial healings. Due to their powerful history and ability to bring clarity these are perfect for setting the mood and intention.

For this practice you will need a metal or ceramic bowl to put the heated coal in. Once the coal is hot and burning that lovely ember orange you simply drop some of the crystalized resin into the coal. When burning, it will turn into a gummy texture and have a strong smell. Simply sit with this smudge, gracefully breathing it in, and allowing yourself to become one with its healing properties. Using your hands or a feather whiff the smoke along your body, feel its warmth, and allow your worries to wash away. It is okay to allow your resin to burn throughout the ceremony, but if the smoke is too strong you can clear it by putting a little water on the coal.

Smudges for Home Cleansings

When cleansing a house, or really any energy field, the best herbs to use are sage, rosemary, and cedar! You will want an ash tray or shell to carry with you. Burn the smudge using a lighter or candle -i find tat candles work the best! First, begin by saying a prayer. Here is an example of how I lead my prayers:

“Dear Ancestors, Ascended Masters, and all guides I invite you to assist me in this purification ritual. I ask that you protect me and allow me to be a pure channel of light. May all impurities be cleared from this space and be returned to mother earths light.”

Once I finish my prayer, I being by smudging myself. I allow the the smoke to run along my body, going over myself from head to toe. Tune in with the smell, warmth, and energy of your smudge. Call out to the specific herb that you are using and bridge by connection with it. Know that through its smoke it is doing powerful energy work for you! Begin walking around your space, running the smoke along the perimeter. Imagine all impurities being transmuted into the light, allowing your prayers to flow through purifying and balancing the energy field around you. This is a powerful ritual to use when moving into a new home, or when negativity arrises in your space.

Using Smudges in Meditation

Preparing for meditation is a key principle of the practice. Using Sweet Grass, Lavender, and Palo Santo are perfect for setting a scared and meditative space! Light a candle, begin to ignite your smudge of choice, and again say a prayer. Ask the herb to empower your meditation and carry any specific knowledge that you need to hear with it. Witnessing its smoke as pure light. Allow its scent it flow through you as you breathe deeply. Let it burn and carry you through your meditation.

I hope this blog has gifted you a better under standing of how to smudge yourself and your belongings. This beloved practice is very sacred and will change your life forever.

Incorporating these into my daily practices has shifted my energy tremendously. In the Earthney shop we have two smudging products. Check out our Rosemary Smudge Wands and Palo Santo! We will be inviting more smudges into the shop very soon! So much love to you all and divine blessings! Be sure to comment below and share your experience with us!

Xoxo, Earthney

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