Spring is a season where everything in nature is coming back to life, this vitality of the earth and her emergence from winter into spring also takes place in us and our human bodies and our psyche, and our energy fields. 

What if I told you, you can actually work with this vibrancy of spring to support you in every single area of life. 

In blog post, I’m going to share with you all about spring, and specifically how you can work with the energetics and the themes of this spring to support you and blossoming in your own life.

There is this mystery teaching about the tantric way of life, which speaks to the fact that the Yang frequency can only come from the Yin, from the feminine. In Spring that Yang frequency, that pulse of life is really beginning to wake up and radiate in your own system. So as you’re starting to see around you, the flowers and the plants and the birds begin to sing and wake up to life, this is also radiating through your own veins, through your own nervous system, and beginning to wake you up in this same way. 

With the energetics of spring we’re looking at radiance, and how to work witht he energy of spring to offer you a BIG heart opening. In this way, Spring is a really important time to address your vitality. Look at the lifeforce energy that’s flowing through you right now in the start of spring. And where you ultimately want to be. I’m just gonna put it out there, If you want to feel resourced, If you want to feel resonance with your life, with the actions you’re taking, with the connections you’re making, with the money that’s coming to you and leaving you, thisis resonance comes through deep seated trust. Trust is a seed whose roots are beginning to form and sprout down into the earth. And as that little stem is emerging out from the soil and reaching towards the sky, it’s the energetic of trust that is emerging that plant upwards. 

In this way, in the beginning of spring, we are also invited to look at our relationship with trust and the way that maybe we are not trusting life, the way that we’re not trusting ourselves, and in the way that we’re maybe going against what’s organic and what’s natural for us. 

Through this deep introspection and looking at the shadows and parts of your life and your brain, those dark corners that maybe are out of resonance with where you’re deeply desiring to go – you can fine tune the energetics within you and all around you that will support you in finding resonance on your path. Spring is about that resurgence of lifeforce. Cultivating this life-force can be done with practice. Practice can look like slowing down to do your breath work, slowing down to be in your body so that her vitality feels nourishing, maybe doing a cleanse like a Vedic food cleanse or a juice cleanse ~ something to support your internal physical body, the vessel that is housing your feminine soul, giving it the nourishment it needs, so that it can have the rich vitality to go out in the world and do the big things that you’re desiring to experience. 

In Spring when we take care of our inner vessel, it begins to radiate outwards. So within so without, this is not just saying, but it is an actually a way of life. When we nourish the inner temple, when we go into the depths of ourselves with care, it begins to radiate outside us, not only in our vibrational essence, but also in the parts of life that we’re an energetic match for. 

So say for instance, you’re wanting to have new people come into your life, you have to be an energetic match for that. And this isn’t to say that anything’s wrong with you. It’s just to say that the actual experience of caring for yourself in your vitality, to believe that you’re worthy, to believe that you have the bandwidth, the energy to go out and have these experiences you will be able to hold more. 

Self care expands your ability to hold more. 

It’s about tuning our energy field to still come into that Yin, so that the vitality, the yang energy can move through you in a way that is organic. 

I believe that spring is a very, very supportive time to deeper into finding what your organic energy is, and therefore, really clearing out what is in organic for you. Now, this is really important, because spring is not quite as rich in yang energy. As summer when everything is in bloom, the energy is high, it’s rolling, it’s going right. Whereas spring, it’s like, there’s still that essence of leisure of the Yang and the Yin dancing together. There’s like a deep wave of harmonious balance, where sometimes we’re more on our Yin, and sometimes we’re more in our Yang. And by flowing with this, you can really discover :: “where do I need to step back? Where do I need to lean in so that I’m actually living in resonance with my organic energy?” Finding your organic energy is going to be a keycode for your awareness and practice this spring. 

As the organic, natural world is finding its roots and reaching towards the sky to find its nourishment. You too get to do this by remembering you’re not too different than a plant, you still need sunlight, you still need grounding Earth, you still need water. 

So make sure that you’re taking care of yourself so that you can find your own organic energy. 

When you feel well rooted in your life. You are unstoppable. You are unshakable, you radiate, you have this, like efflorescent heartwarming essence that is naturally attractive. This is the way of the feminine, when the feminine is in her sweet spot, she naturally attracts what’s for her. It’s when she’s living in rigidity ~ when she’s living in synthetic nature when she’s pushing herself and she’s not fully living in alignment with her feminine soul’s true desire, which is gentleness, which is grace, which is resonance. And so if you’re wanting to experience more fluidity more resonance in your life, slow down, tap into your vital Wellspring within you and find your organic blueprint, discover what you really want. 

Decide what your goals are for spring and before you go out to make them happen, look at the your relationship to life within your organic flow of giving and receiving ~ resting and acting, to make sure that you’re setting yourself up for success energetically to go out and meet those goals and meet those milestones. Because when you do that, you’re opening yourself up to receive what you’re setting out to do in a much deeper capacity. 

My love, when we’re not living with the seasons, we’re really blocking our nervous system, our multi dimensionality, our our brain body connection, we’re blocking it so that it’s not really able to fully experience the richness the like, overwhelming dance of life. 

When we live in this way.. life is kind of just skimming the surface. The energy of of spring is here to rewire your system to learn how to feel satiated, to feel the sustenance, to feel the satisfaction of the way that life is meeting you.

By slowing down and taking care of your inner temple, making way for rituals, ceremonies and practices that expand your capacity to feel more that clear your vessel so that you can feel more of life and anchor more life through your vitality. It doesn’t need to be hard. I think so many of us get stuck in the experience of life should feel hard. And I’m here to say, No, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to be that way. Yeah. But it doesn’t have to be that way; life can feel gentle, life can feel satisfying from a really organic, smooth space. 

That doesn’t mean that we’re not working towards our goals and that we’re not putting effort in. It just means that we’re taking those actions from a space of vitality. We’re pouring ourselves forward from a full cup.

This brings me to my final point of spring!

It is really important to know that it is okay to empty yourself. 

I think a lot of times, women feel like they have to be in this overflow. Let me tell you babe… that is the number one thing that’s going to lead you to burnout when summer / winter comes around… Give yourself time to empty out. 

So what does it mean to empty? This is an opportunity for you to slow down to literally release all the stories, the energy that you’ve been holding, all the connections you’ve been making, all those threads of life, and the way it’s connecting to you. The essence is to quiet literally let it all empty out, so that you can come back to your center.

As humans, we’re naturally in communication and connection with the world around us. That’s how our nervous system works. It’s our auric field works. And so by giving yourself space to empty out regularly this spring, that is how you will facilitate filling yourself up so that you can genuinely pour forward from a full cup of your own organic essence.

 So all in all, spring is about finding your resonance, attuning to yourself, finding trust, believing in yourself, and really coming home to your organic blueprint so that you can live a life that is genuinely aligned for you. 

My best advice is to drop all the expectations, to drop all the masks, and the barriers of trying to be something that you’re not . By giving yourself space to shed all that is not you,  you will root down into the earth and blossom this spring into your true nature. This is the true essence of prosperity ~ allowing yourself to feel so fulfilled by who you are at your core, that you naturally believe in yourself. That is the feminine. Slow down, be with the plants, be with the sun, be with the water, allow your feminine essence to be nurtured by life just as the flowers are because you’re not that different than a plant. Just because your roots are physically in the earth doesn’t mean that they’re not energetically tethered to the earth. The more you can root down, the more you’ll blossom. 

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See you there darling ~

xxx, Taraney Nicole 

Mystery School of the Sacred Feminine

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