Here on the Norther side of the world, we are at the peak of summer. This is a beautiful time of abundance, light, and freedom. June 21st marks the date for this years Summer Solstice. Since the beginning of time cultures from all around the world have gathered to celebrated this sacred event.

The Summer solstice is a celebration of all life. The earths, yours, our neighbors, everyone! It is also an important time to raise your own vibration and lighten your life. Even in a wester world it is extremely important to honor this day. When we gather under the summer sun on June 21st, we are not only witnessing this astrological event, but we are also tapping into an eternal energy that can shape shift the coarse of our lives! You may be asking, how can we take part in this? Well, I have gathers quite a few magical ways that you can tune in and celebrate this shift of seasons!

Make a Summer Alter Space

One of the best ways to tune in and download this abundant energy is to make yourself a spiritual alter. An alter is a sacred space where you can go to do your spirit work! Find a quiet place in your home where you can focus and be alone. Get an old coffee table or small desk, you can cover it with a cloth or just keep the wooden surface exposed. Next, gather your Spirit Gear ie: crystals, candles, herbs, tarot cards, journals, ect. Organize it in a way that feels energetically right, and find some flowers to lighten up the space! Activate it, and use it often!

Create a Flower Mandala

Gather or buy some yellow, orange, pink, and white flowers to create a Sun Mandala! Pick some of the flower petals off and arrange them in a symmetrical pattern. The act of creating a flower mandala is a hold and healing practice. As you are creating you work of art, make a prayer with each petal you us. Soak in the gorgeous energy that each flower brings, and welcome their light into your life. Make a meditation out of it, and take time to soak up its beautiful energy when you are done!

Solstice infused Sun Tea

When the Solstice peaks, we are also entering the zodiac sign of Caner, so adding the water element would be perfect! Simply get a nice jar, fit it with water and your favorite herbs. Set it outside in the morning and leave it charging for the next 24 hours. The next day, bring it inside and have some first thing in the morning! This is a magical way to nourish your body.

Solstice Bonfire

One of my favorite ways to celebrate the solstice is to have a bonfire with my friends! It is a significant way to gather and have a good time while still tuning into the extra time of light we receive from the sun on this day. Have everyone bring our their drums and make a drum circle out of it too! Whatever you guys doing just make sure you create vibrations that will last you the whole summer!

After-all, the summer solstice is about holding space for you to become lighter! Welcome in new ways for thinking through these rituals, and remember to count your blessings! I am forever grateful for your presence and support on my blog, so thank you for showing up!

Dont forget about my Solstice collection release on June 21 at 12 pm!

XOXO, Earthney <3

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