1. Simplify everything

  2. Rest often 

  3. Listen to the calling

  4. Allow yourself to be held

  5. Believe in your creative power

  6. Receive what is for you

  7. Reject what is not for you

  8. Honor your ability to cultivate blessing

In other words,

The 8 Codes to live in honor of a feminine lead life

I often find myself reflecting on who I am, how I got here, & what truly matters to me right now.

Funny enough, the answers to these questions often change, & it can get really confusing.

When the feminine spirit is astray chaos emerges, & often times this is where conflict within ourselves takes place.

These 8 Sacred Feminine Principles are my code of conduct for a liberated, rich, accepting, & feminine life.

They keep me close to my center.

They allow me to live in alignment with my dharma.

They invoke my truth.

Because when we simplify, when we rest, when we live in integrity… we are able to see the harmony + prosperity in e v e r y t h i n g

These principles are the 8 pillars that I focus on when working with women in 1:1 containers.

I truly believe that every disharmony in our lives is related to the masculine & feminine dynamics that fuel our lives.

When in balance we thrive

When out of balance we just survive

It is SOOO possible for you to thrive in a radically resonate life that is nourished by your creativity, praised by your peace, & deeply held by your authentic truth.

We are creating a new paradigm of feminine living

I am grateful to be here with you all, in this life, in this leadership

If you are feeling called to dive deeper into these 8 pillars with me my DM’s are always open to you. Find me here: https://www.instagram.com/taraneynicole/

With honor,


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