You are enough. 

Glowing in the glory that you have given yourself

know that you are powerful. 

That you create mountains 

just to climb them. 

That you are 

the master of your own


It’s 2018 and loving yourself has finally become trendy; which is good, but I am here to reveal the true soul clenching power of self love. And not the superficial self love, but deeply loving yourself from head to toe. Inside and out.

Are you happy with yourself?

Are you living your truth?

At first you may not know how to answer this. For many of us self love is a roller coaster of ups and downs, and that is okay. I ask these questions to get you to start thinking about which areas you aren’t honoring your life to the fullest.

For many people self love has become a hashtag, or impulsively buying themselves something. But maybe that is just the start, and it is time transform your self love into a lifestyle of putting yourself first with discipline, good choices, and ease. Self love is a practice that takes a lifetime of dedication.

Self love is getting out of every morning with a grateful heart, even though you may feel like shit. Self love is loving yourself unconditionally, flaws and all. Self love is having the discipline to say no, and put yourself first. When you love yourself like you wish someone else would, you are setting the bar for the love you deserve.

The Guide to Self Love Through Wellness

The whole point of loving ourselves to gain a sense of wellness so that we can coexist with the rest of the world harmoniously. When looking at our life from a holistic approach, it is easier for us to find what areas of our life we need to put more energy into.

In the wellness practice, you have seven aspects of your life that need to be in balance for you to feel at your best. Those seven elements are: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environmental, and financial. Balancing these aspects looks different for everyone. For example you can gain spiritual balance in a completely different way than anyone else in your life. it is up to your to decide what works best for you.

Here is a little practice to help you define what areas you need to focus on in order to be 100% in love with your life!

  1. Read the chart above.
  2. Get your journal and write down 5 things that you know you need to do in order to fulfill each aspect of wellness. (ex. Spiritual: meditation, yoga, prayer, dance, and energy healing)
  3. Write down on a scale of 1-10 how well you fulfill each aspect already. (ex. Emotional: 6/10)
  4. Come up with an action plan to figure out how you are going to reach that number to 10. (ex. Spending less time on Social media, meditating at least once a day, journaling, ect.)

Checking in with yourself often is the key to real sustainable growth.
You can do this by revisiting these pages often, or even tearing them from your journal and taping these pages on your bathroom mirror. You have to hold yourself accountable everyday! Deciding what you need more or less of is profound when showing yourself love. It teaches you self discipline.

Self Discipline = Self Love

By following through with your commitments you are completing an act of self love! How great does it feel when you prove to yourself that you can do whatever you put your mind to?! It makes you stronger in ever aspect of your life.

If you tell yourself that you are going to do yoga everyday, DO IT!
If you tell yourself that you need to eat healthier in order to feel good about yourself, DO IT!
It is up to you, my love.

No one else can do this for you. It’s as simple as that .

You need to make goals for yourself, put it in your schedule, and follow through.

A good way to keep track of your growth is to meditate daily. You can just start out with 3 minutes a day -keep practicing and pushing just a little bit further. Watch yourself grow into this practice minute by minute. Meditation helps with gaining clarity -we can all use that.

Keep a journal to help track your growth. Write about how you’re feeling and what you did that day to reach you wellness goals.

Its All About Choices

Growing up my dad used to always tell me “how you react to this is how the outcome will be”, and I live by that message. Everyday life serves us various situations where we have to make a choice. We have to choose to be mature and take every moment as a blessing.

This is the start to a lifetime of real self love!

Choosing to put yourself first, in every situation. If that means you have to stay home and do some self healing first before going out, then that is what you gotta do. Honoring yourself in this way feels so good. If you neglect your self love goals, just start back up again and this time follow through. After all, how we react is the true judgment of our character.

May this kickstart your journey into one that empowers you.

I believe in you, so you should believe in yourself.


Earthney <3

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