What would happen if you simply gave yourself permission?

What if you stopped waiting for the approval of others, & chose to just embody yourself?

I know… it’s a lot easier said than done.

We have childhood programming, societal norms, ancestral wounds… but what if you just allowed yourself work through it?

That is the medicine of soul based work.

That is the magnetic force that emerges from within you when you choose to consciously let gooooo of all the BS that the world tried to press upon you.

My love, you don’t have to hold on to it anymore.

That time your parents told you to quit crying.. it no longer has to hold power over you.

Whatever your teachers, family members, or even neighbors said to you while growing up never was OR ever will be valid !!!!

I’ll say it for them my dear :

I am so sorry that happened to you.

It is time to let it go ~ shed anew ~ allow the light of your true self to pour over you.

The weight of the world is no longer yours to carry.

The only weight you are meant to carry is your own, & if it feels heavy… lighten the load

You have to give yourself permission

Only you can do that

& that does not mean you have to do it all in your own.

Myself, & many other women around the world are here to support you in finding your true essence.

Your true essence is you’re depth.

This is where the temple of our lives can reveal itself

The Temple of Her is my signature course that unravels all of this & sooo much more!

Reach out to me here on Instagram if you desire to unlock your true feminine power



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