Taking care of yourself during your sacred pregnancy journey is essential. We resist this because we want to do it all, but this journey is actually about you mama. Who is taking care of you, queen? Are you getting what you need?


It’s hard enough to relax with the morning sickness, body temperature changes, sore breasts, and increased need to pee – there’s also anxiety as an expectant mama that runs very deep.


I wanted to share with you some ways to ease your worries and invite in rest & relaxation from prenatal to postpartum. As your belly grows, it gets harder and harder to establish self-care, so we are going to go through some practical steps.


First thing: work on limiting your expectations that this “should” go a certain way. Limiting your expectations can also decrease your self-judgment.


Fears popping up about the safety and wellbeing of your sweet baby, while this is normal, can make it hard to enjoy the special moments. The first 12 weeks are typically when miscarriage worries are felt the most but these do pass. Try adding mindfulness to your day, either meditation or any stress reducing activity you enjoy. Remind yourself that if anything were to happen, it would be at no fault of yours. Many people have these same fears, sister.  


When you focus on what you can control, like consuming nourishing food, getting your beauty sleep, and doing the best you can, that is phenomenal and the best thing you can do for you and baby.   


All these significant body changes that are happening makes it difficult to even get comfortable to fall asleep, but there are tricks for a more restful, sound sleep.

For More Restful Sleep During Pregnancy:

  • Avoid caffeine after lunch

  • Feel the sun on your skin for 10-20mins during the day – melatonin signals your body to go to sleep


  • Be attuned with your sacred body – if you’re sleepy, head to bed early


  • Naps are your friend, babe

  • Make sure all lights are off when going to bed. An eye mask will help you block out light for restful sleep

  • Low impact exercise, even just walking or swimming, helps with fatigue & ability to fall asleep sooner

  • No screen time an hour before bed


  • Sleep on your side with a pillow placed between your knees & and a pillow under your belly. Your comfort level will be different compared to someone else so once you find the sweet spot, keep doing that

  • If you’re experiencing nausea, try keeping saltine crackers by your bed to curb any sickness as you’re trying to sleep

  • Educate yourself with baby books but not to the point of being consumed with fear & worry – think healthy balance

  • Limit liquids & eating anything heavy before bed

  • Breathe deeply to unwind

After the Baby is Born


Decide which sleeping environment is the best after birth. Adapting based on your own sleep habits & what feels right for you is important. Is the baby sleeping in your room the best option?


Try keeping your body at rest as much as possible while you’re up throughout the day. This will be effective for helping your body heal and will make sure your sleep is restorative, even when it’s interrupted. To learn more check out my blog 6 Ways To Get More Rest As A New Mother where I share ways new mamas like you can get sacred & rejuvenating rest once your baby is Earth-side.

Hot tip:

A postpartum doula can stay up with your sweet newborn while you get a full night sleep. This will decrease stress and you’ll awaken refreshed with diapers & wipes restocked and baby clothes all folded for you.

I would be honored to create sacred space and provide support for you and your baby through my postpartum doula work. Learn more here: https://taraneynicole.com/sacred-birth-work/

Big Love Mama,

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