Winter is a divine time of going inward. A season when your world gets a little darker so that you can meet your shadow in truth. This can be a hard time for most. Darkness, both energetically and physically bring a world of challenges. Staying positive, aligned, and hopeful can be a little rough, and that is exactly why we need some help from our special crystal friends. Crystals of all shapes and sizes are a divine gift from our mother art that are here to support us during times of resistance. With their help we can find true resilience -no matter the challenges we’re face.

In this blog I am going to share my favorite crystals to use during the winter season. I hope that at least one of these crystals call out at you. These crystal range from a variety of powers, and please only take what you truly align with, this is just my medicine <3

Top 11 Crystals to Cure The Winter Blues



This magical crystal glows a deep indigo blue and glows just like the milky way. Azurite governs the third-eye center and can bring you great psychic protection and intuitive insights. Because of its ability to bring spiritual wisdom, she is great for anyone who is having a hard time with confusion, direction, and even faith. It cleanses the mind from an negative thoughts, as well as other impurities that may be blocking us from our highest vision. This crystal is amazing to wear in jewelry, as it brings a true energy that we can always use more of. Also having the crystal itself is perfect, meditate with it near your head, and allow yourself to align with her healing properties.


Glowing a green blue hue, this magical crystal is said to resemble the heart of the amazon river. Gorgeous, strong, and bold, this crystal will clear any stagnation that may be stuck in your heart. Her power lies in the throat and heart chakra, and will surely welcome you toe communicate more positively towards yourself and others. Keep this stone on you to keep your vibe high, your reactions true, and your heart centered. We have this stone in our shop, you can purchase it as a necklace, raw crystal, or energy band.


This crystal power runs deep, and is a must for anyone who is doing deep shadow work. Onyx is a deep black crystal and protects us against any adversity. If you feel that their is a lot of negative energy surrounding you, get this crystal! It absorbs any bad, stagnant, or ugly energy, and transforms it back into high vibrations light. It also can help prevent you from becoming drained, and onyx promotes emotional and physical stamina. Someone who is facing grief, depression, or fear can truly benefit form having this crystal on them daily.


Selenite is one of the master healing crystals. Particularity good at purifying our mind, body, and spirit from attachments. Use this crystal whenever you are feeling stuck. It ranges if a few different forms, and it is good to go with the one that calls out to your heart the most. Selenite is named after the Greek goddess Selene, which is the goddess of the moon. It’s also called the Satin Spar, Maria Glass, or Desert Rose. The most common selenite crystals are white-translucent ones with beautiful striations. Selenite is really good to cleanse other crystals, along with yourself. Personally, I use it as a crystal smudge wand. It also brings us clarity, so if you seem to be juggling a lot in your mind, pick this crystal up, and meditate with it daily until you find stillness.


As children, most of us learning this crystal as ‘Fools Gold”. It shines just like gold and sparkles like the sun. This crystal connects with our solar plexus; the chakra of will power, trust, and prosperity. During winter, many of us have a hard time feeling fulfilled and finding the drive to keep going… this crystal helps me a lot with finding daily motivation, and I have noticed that since I started carrying it one me, my finances have gotten a lot brighter! Carry this stone in your purse, wallet, or pocket to keep your spirit and finances vibrating high!

Clear Quartz

One of the best know crystals, clear quartz is perfect for any condition. It is found on ever continent is one of the most abundant minerals! Almost every culture has a different interpretation of it energy. Some most well known qualities are that is promotes peace, purity, and patience. In South America, the ancients believed that their ancestors and guides souls resonated within these crystal, making the extremely powerful when we are seeking guidance. It cleanses and clears all the chakras, but works especially with the crown chakra. It will open your mind to the infinite possibilities of the universe, and will take on the roll of guiding you this winter season.

Rose Quartz 

This crystal is a favorite among many healers. It activates the heart chakra, and brings ease when our world seems harsh. Light pink, its nature to make us light hearted. It you find yourself worrying place this crystal on your heart and breath deep with it. Because Rose Quartz is also a very powerful manifestation tool, it is really helpful to use it while you pray. Rose Quartz carries a soft feminine energy that brings compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.


This shimmery crystal is composed of lithium. This you can find this element in almost ever anti-depressant medication; that being said this crystal is the true prozac of the mineral world! if you are feeling depressed, suicidal, anxious, or even just a little low energy.. GET THIS CRYSTAL NOW! I personally wear it almost everyday as one of our Lepidolite Medicine Necklaces. Its energy soothes the heart, calms the mind, and truly promotes inner peace.

Blue Lace Agate

Both the color and vibe of this crystal scream winter healing. This stone works great with healing imbalances in the heart chakra. It centers our communication, and will boost your confidence naturally. It provides clarity of thought and unwavering intent in regards to what matters most. During a season when many of us can feel lost, you can count on this crystal to carry you home safely. When truth needs to be told carry this crystal on you to bring it forth in the most authentic manor.


If this crystal shows up for you, it is a sign that you are ready for a major emotion shift. This crystal works wonders in detoxing our mind, body, and spirit from limiting beliefs. Its power works like a spiritual vacuum cleaner, and will clear away all the old dusty beliefs that no longer serve you. When there is too much going on in your mind, use this crystal! It will clear you, and charge you with high vibrational love. Because of its powerful ability to work with the mind, this crystal governs the third-eye chakra. Hold Fluorite when doing affirmation work or really whenever you are making serious heart centered changes.


This crystal is part of the Quartz family can can be found as a deep purple to violate stone that will take your breath away in an instant. It is a queen of spiritual purification, and will assist you in protection. Amethyst creates a force field of strong light around you and will shield off any dark energy that is weighing you down. If you are an empath, this crystal is likely to become your best friend. It acts as a barrier against lower energies, psychic attack, earth related stress, and unhealthy environments. The most lovely amethyst piece i have ever found is available in shop for a very generous price! Almost 5 pounds and full of reiki energy.


May these crystals help you as deeply as the have assisted me. Their power mixed with you intention has the ability to shift even the darkest of worlds. May you go into this winter with great intentions, and may you remember you power! Always reach out whenever you feel stuck. I am always open to making you a custom jewelry or apothecary piece to help you through whatever winter symptoms you are experiencing. Also I find that card reading help tremendousness! With so much love in my hear, thank you for reading this blog post.



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