Sometimes life becomes chaotic, and reaches a point when all the stress is just too much. If you suffer from anxiety, rebuilding your mental and spiritual health may seem impossible. But with the help of crystals I am sure that you can live a happier and healthier life. Their energy calms you, and helps us get down to the root of why the hell anxiety is taking over our life.

In this blog post I am going to address why crystals actually help anxiety, and give you my favorite crystals to cope with.

It is time to try something new. It is time to release the burdens that are holding us back, and create a life of limitless potential and happiness!

Why should I use crystals for anxiety relief?

Instead of giving into your anxiety and fear, use love. The tranquility of crystals will help you recognize negative thoughts, and shift them into positive and calm realities.

Anxiety is all too real for some of us. It is actually the most common mental illness in the United States affecting 18.1% of its population annually.

Anti-anxiety medications only treat symptoms, but when adding crystals into your healing plan, you will learn how to sooth your anxiety on your own while healing your mind, body, and soul completely; not just the symptoms.

How do crystals cure anxiety?

Crystals and stones contain lithium, which is typically used in anti-anxiety medication. Crystals with lithium emit energy that is calm and loving to counteract feelings of stress, worry, and panic.

When we carry an anti-anxiety crystal on us through jewelry or in our pockets, their energy fills our electromagnetic field. This protective and calm energy will create relaxing vibrations inside of our heart, making our aura bright and glowing with positive energy.

The same thing happens when we meditate with our calming crystals, but better. When we meditate we build a sustainable relationship with our peace. Adding crystals into the practice amplifies and guides us into our meditation.

For many of us who have anxiety, meditation can be pretty intimidating. Sitting down with only our minds is the last thing we want to do, but often times it is the best thing for us. Crystals really, really help with this! It gives our minds something to focus on, and gives off comforting and supportive vibes!

Crystals for anxiety relief and how to use them


Rose Quartz is good for opening the heart. It calms our emotions while dispelling negativity from our heart. The beautiful soft pink color of the stone promotes inner-peace and relaxation.

To introduce rose quartz into your healing method you can begin with having is under your pillow while you sleep. This is especially good if you suffer from anxiety related insomnia. Another very effective way to use it is by laying it over your heart while experiencing any anxious feelings, and just breathe with it. Another very powerful way to use rose quartz is to have a spiritual jewelry piece made from the crystal. By having it on you often it will rewire you’re your brain and heart to protect it from stress.

Lepidolite connects us with all of our chakras, balancing and cleansing them, naturally it will block out any negative energy. It has a gentile vibration that is calm and will ease a chaotic mind. Its brings forgiveness, love, and peace. Holding lepidolite near your heart and breathing with it will help with obsessive thoughts.

Blue Calcite calms the mind with its soft blue color. One of its best qualities is how it trains the mind to analyze a situation and simulates one’s insight and memory. This is really good when working on curing anxiety because it will help you reevaluate your stress and rewire your ability to stay calm. Another valuable element of this crystal is that it lowers blood pressure which is extremely important during a panic attack. Use this crystal while battling off negative emotions and it will teach you your power.

Malachite is often used for protection, due to its ability to absorb negativity. It encourages change and often will show us what is blocking our spiritual path so that we can move forward with a brave heart. Its deep green color reminds us of the Glowing green we see while in nature which is an automatic anti-anxiety and depression technique. It heals emotional trauma and will allow us to move into a new reality of heart centered peace. Use malachite as you are ready to move into a new vibration. By carrying it on you, and sleeping with it, it will transform your life and when use constantly, it will heal your anxiety.


Citrine is a beautiful yellow crystal that is associated with abundance and happiness. It is a profound cleansing crystal, and can regenerate your spiritual connection. When working through anxiety this is very valuable. If there is too much negativity in your life use citrine to ward off evil, and protect you. Carry it one you, wear it, write with it, and meditate with it. Building a connection with this stone will increase abundance in your life, and show you all that you have to be grateful for.


Carnelian is a stone that varies from a orange to a burnt red color. By keeping this stone around you, it will help you stay inspired and bring you the confidence that you will need to keep moving forward. It spreads joy to anyone who works with it and removes stagnant energy. Use this crystal to connect with your inner creativity by consciously breathing with it in times of worry.


Black Tourmaline is a profound stone that helps ground us and support our inner strength. Through it healing energy it stimulates our energy centers and leaves us feeling confident and ready to move forward in our lives. When facing difficult circumstance connect with this stone and use It as a token of hope. By carrying this crystal on you, you will be able to do anything that you dream of without the fear of anxiety.

Your anxiety does not define you, who you are is so much more beautiful and powerful than the illness is letting you see. It is time that you to connect with healing crystals and rid anxiety from your life. For most of us, anxiety is an aspect of our lives sneak back in, but it is up to you how you will react to is, and with the help of the crystals I gave you above, you are sure to heal this anxiety from your life

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