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Blog post about Rose Medicine and feminine healing

For me personally, The Rose is my greatest teacher. 
She is my guide, my inspiration, and of course my muse. 

The Mystic Rose is a teacher of compassion, humility, deep devotion, and the true grace that comes through embracing your organic feminine nature. Everywhere we look upon the path of the sacred feminine, there she is. As the most ancient flower, loved by many, it is clear that the Rose has a codex for us, and in order to receive her fully we must open our hearts. Rose Medicine encourages you to soften and it is in this way that she can genuinely lead you.

The Way of the Rose alludes to the spiral path of the feminine. Goddesses from across time.. Mary, to Venus, Aphrodite, Saraswati, Hathor, Isis, and many, many more hold the essence of the Rose, and in their own way they are teaching us something very profound. Trust the way.

High Priestess

Trust life. Trust the seasons and the wisdom they bring to us as feminine souls. Embrace change as it meets you. Walk the spiral path with an open heart so that you may humbly receive the blessings bestowed from your great service… Open. Growth. Blossom. Rest. Pass on. Yern. Rebirth. 

The Rose is a messenger that reflects to you just how powerful you will become when you choose to fully expand through the extremes of life. Rather than resisting, she invites you to listen… and therefore trust the way by saying yes.

This month you most likely will meet change.

Petals are being asked to be released to the wind.

Do you trust life, do you trust yourself enough to let go, so that you may genuinely let in what is next?

In the Rose mysteries we honor four main parts of the Rose as a guide for our own sense of self and navigating life. 

We look to the Roots, the stem, her thorns, and blossoms. Each of these elements hold deep lessons that we can bring into our own bodies for direction and perseverance  in our endeavors. The vitality of these elements will reveal to you where healing is needed in your life. Listen and you will see. 

Keep reading, I have a story for you 🌬️

Disclaimer : this story does discuss sexual trauma. If you have history of this yourself please prepare with grace, and also know that you are not alone.

Taraney Nicole


I spent all day yesterday planting three new Rose bushes outside my bedroom window, their name is STRONG HEART.
Gardening, especially Roses has become my greatest pleasure since moving our into the country. As I sift the soils of my precious land, I too sift the soils of my own soul. Knowing that Junes medicine was all about the Rose I couldn’t help but to add more to my land 😚

As I dug the holes I felt my devotion deepen into strength. My nervous system was already shaken up, so this felt like the grounding I needed. 

As I planted each one a prayer came with it. 

“Strengthen my heart, please“
“Make me your vessel“
“Show me how to get out of the way“

Upon fully panting these beauties I went inside to enjoy a spring Kitcheri that I made for myself and the squad of men who had been working on the temple + land all day. In the middle of this meal, I got a call.

I knew the number, Houston area code… It was the prosecutor representing me in case against the man who raped me at 19. 

In a rush of relief he told me that the judge has chosen to take our case next week and that jury selection will be taking place today, June 1st. If you’ve been following my journey you may know that i’ve been in the middle of the legal system with this case for 6 years. Trial dates have changed like dirty laundry. Ive been picked up and dropped by the system more times than I can count by now. But never before has they given me four days of notice to prepare… this came out of no where. 

But something told me that this time it was going to happen. 
Surrender to the divine timing. It’s now.

So, under the full moon… while I am most likely going to be bleeding, I will be taking a stand against the man who raped me to defend my story in front of a room of strangers in hopes that they convict this man. Since the time of my rape, three more women have come forward, and they will be using my case at trial and the others during punishment. I know it is my soul’s purpose to hold him accountable & prevent him from harming more women for as long as possible. 

As you can imagine this is incredibly tender and vulnerable.
Each time i have prepared for trial in the past, I have been met with new layers of fear, grief, rage… but this time I feel fairly spacious and held. 

I have a pot of kindred spirits holding me, providing for me, praying for me… My devotional practices have been strengthening my aura for this exact moment, and I feel it. When I close my eyes I see the lineage of the rose all around me singing “STRONG HEART WOMAN”. 

Having planted these roses outside my bedroom window I can feel the most intimate part of my life, my trauma, being held deeper than ever. 
The Way of the Rose is once more asking me to trust life and all that I have planted to attract exactly what I need right now.

The Rose is clearly inviting me to embrace change, to expand through this extreme time, and most importantly, to know that I can be tender and strong at the same time, just like the Rose. 

I don’t know what this trial will look like, or what the outcome will be, but I do know that The Rose is with me. Her medicine is strong in my heart. Her thorns are protecting me above, below, and 360 degrees in all directions. I am rooted in her. My spine is clear with her inelegance, and the aroma of  her blossoms are carrying my spirits to be met with the most benevolent frequency always. The Rose is embodied through me. 
The celestial pathway of venus over her 8 year cycle

I have shared this with you because it feels good to authentically relate my current reality with Rose Medicine in hopes that it inspires you to deepen your own way of working with the Rose.

On the path of devotional womanhood, Rose has much to share.
Quiet down, get still, and listen to her calling.

In my own way I lead women along the path of the Rose through my private mentorship offering. 


If you are feeling the pulse to deepen, I invite you to come journey with me, one-on-one, and explore the nature of your Sacred Femininity + The Rose. Learn more about these exquisite, customizable journeys at the bottom of this email. It would be a privilege to be your teacher at this time. 

xxx, Taraney Nicole

Sacred Feminine Mentorship
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“When I started on this journey I had no real clue as to what I was getting into; what I did know is that I longed for cultivating the divine feminine within me, and Taraney is such an amazing guide through that process. Taraney’s gentle, loving presence allowed for my own guidance system and codes to shine through. We reached a level of depth that I honestly did not know was possible, and it gave me a new level of respect for cultivating the womb. The connection and process awoken me to my own womb codes, and they are speaking through me. This has given me a new passion of helping other women feel as amazing in their bodies as I do now. Taraney is extremely gifted. gentle, and loving. Her dedication to helping women is SO evident in her serve, and you can feel the results.”

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