The Feminine Essence & Self-Trust

What is the Feminine Essence?

What is the Feminine Essence?

The Feminine Essence is the energy that naturally comes from a woman. Femininity is a natural expression. It doesn’t look one way or need to be forced into any particular lifestyle. I believe that your Feminine Essence is completely unique to you. As you heal your feminine energy, your essence will become more defined and you will truly know the power of the feminine.

Femininity is not something you need to seek or even “become”. To discover your Feminine Essence you must simply learn to trust and listen to it. Of course there are elements of life that women come to love as they deepen their relationship to the feminine, which is beautiful, but I do not believe that your feminine essence is bound to what you do, love, or desire. The quality of your feminine essence comes from your connection to self and how you honor it.

Coming into your Feminine Essence is an intuitive awakening.

Often times when women are ready to heal their feminine it is because they are done with searching for validation from outside themselves, and are genuinely ready to redefine their sense of self, worth, and value from within. This looks like being honest about all the ways in which you override your connection to self. Living in a hyper-masculine world makes it challenging for women to understand what true Femininity feels and looks like. The feminine is intuitive, she leads with her heart, and is deeply connected to the world around her. Your Feminine Essence is the aspect of yourself that is being lead by something greater. If you often find yourself feeling lost, exhausted, or overwhelmed, its likely that you need to connect to your Feminine Essence.

Feminine healing is all about coming back to your organic nature as a woman, and if you’re looking to trust and know your value as a woman, then you first have to strip away everything that is blocking your vision.

What is the feminine essence?

I’m so blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful and powerful women in my life. From my dear circle of friends, to my clients, family members, and my lovely online community… I have noticed one thing in particular that makes a powerful woman. What makes a powerful woman that is magnetic, gorgeous, and full-on big in the energy is brings is the way that she honors her feminine energy. It doesn’t matter what she wears or what her career is – feminine power comes from meeting the longing you have to know your Feminine Essence and caring for her. 

It is so easy to sabotage yourself. It is easy to play small, to say “I don’t know”, and even completely dismiss the potency of your feminine essence.

In my work I have witnessed even the most “successful” women feel lost in their sense of self and value, and it’s not because they aren’t making great money, or have a wonderful beloved… it’s because they feel disconnected from their feminine.

Feminine energy is vital for women.

It’s nurturing, grounding, and creates a level of sustainability within that widens your capacity with grace. Overriding your feminine design is going to be the first thing that takes you away from knowing just how powerful you are. It can be a tricky thing to catch. It takes devotion to track and notice when you are overriding your feminine wisdom, and therefore following the oppressive model that drops your feminine power.

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The biggest self-sabotage I catch my clients in is the impulse to perform in order to get recognition. This comes from the old hypermasculine model that convinces women that they need to be chosen before they come to know how powerful they are. Can you feel how disconnected that is from the Feminine way of life? A woman who is connected to her Feminine Essence follows the pulse. She knows something greater is leading her, and because she is fully present with her own healing, she knows that she is ready. This comes back to self-trust. My invitation is to recognize yourself first, and then move from that place.

Learning to trust your Feminine Essence is 100% about self recognition.

By going inward and clearing out all the patterns that keep you seeking validation and recognition from outside of yourself, you are redefining how valuable and worthy you are. Getting to this point takes slowing down and shedding everything that confuses your sense of self. I find that tantra and somatic healing are profound tools for re-wiring feminine energy. It is important to know that the nature of your feminine essence is inherent. The more space you create to connect with it, the more it will lead you. Again, it doesn’t need to be forced. It is an organic blossoming.

Allowing your feminine essence to move through you takes establishing trust with it. This is why cultivating your feminine essence takes practice and devotion. You must care for it and train your mind to soften, so that your feminine soul can lead the way. The more you do this, the more you will know the power of the feminine through your own embodied experience.

There is no one way to heal your relationship with your feminine essence. It is such a personal journey. What I can say is the the greatest element that will help you establish trust and consistency is listening. The more you are able to listen to your own sense of self, your desires, needs, and honestly the uniqueness that makes you – you… the clearer you be in your feminine embodiment. Honoring the elements of life that your feminine loves is profoundly healing and will deepen your connection.

I trust that you are reading this article because you have a big vision and a deep desire for your life. I am here to say that you no longer need to override or push your feminine around in order to fulfill that vision, babe! Honor your sensitivities, come to know the radiance of your feminine soul, and trust the soft power of your Feminine Essence. As you cultivate this way of life, feel into the bigger picture, and let it move you. This is the feminine way.

Who you are is precious. Your feminine expression is potent. Trust her.

Change the way to show up for yourself, it works.

xxx, Taraney Nicole

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