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Mystery School of the Sacred Feminine

As a Priestess and Mystery School Teacher I know just how deep the calling to walk the Path of the Priestess is. More and more women around the world naturally awakening to the Path of the Priestess as a way to deepen their connection with the sacredness of life. So, what is the Path of the Priestess, and why are so many women drawn to it? Because the Path of the Priestess is very sacred and sooo ancient, I believe it is important for us to clearly define what a Priestess is, and what is required to deepen upon the path of becoming a true Priestess.

In this article, I will be sharing with you my deepest thoughts and opinions about what it means to walk the path of the Priestess and how you can begin with as much integrity and connection as possible. The Path of the Priestess is available to all women who wish to live a life of devotion and oracular beauty.

What does it mean to be a Priestess?

A Priestess is a woman who is devoted to being of service to the divine. It is through her sacred connection with God / Spirit / The Divine Mother that she finds her purpose as a sacred woman. A Priestess knows the power she holds, and uses it nourish and bring prosperity to all of life. The Priestess at her core is embodied in her sacred womanhood. When I work with women who are new to the Priestess Path, I often notice that they are called to the Priestess archetype because they are ready to deepen with their power through ritual and ceremonial work. 

The Priestesses primary role is to be in devotion to the Divine through her ceremonial and ritual practice.

A woman feels called to learn the art of ritual and ceremonial practices because she know that this is how she will cultivate her divine gifts. By the time a woman is called to the Path of the Priestess she has already awoken her sacred connection to life, and has already begun to discover the power of her psychic gifts healing skills, and is now interested in learning more about how she can harness these gifts / skills in a way that is genuinely good for all of life and amplified in the power she expresses. 

In ancient times Priestesses tended the temples, held ceremonies, made offerings, and preformed rituals. The Priestess-hoods of the ancient world were pivotal to the success of many different counties as rulers throughout antiquity knew that the communion held by the Priestesses was in direct relationship God / The Goddess which influenced many different elements of society and brought peace to the people. In all that they offered, it was always in service to cultivating balance and beauty with life.

Our modern times are in desperate need of women who are ready to be the Oracles who see the ancient ways, and know their power resurrect them as the “New Earth”. 

Meaning of the High Priestess

The Priestess Path of Sacred Womanhood

The rites and rituals of the Path of the Priestess often include the opening of a woman’s Oracular ability to speak direction with the Divine.

A Priestess is a woman who is in communion with God / Goddess.
She lives as a vessel for divine will, and her purpose is to be of service towards the betterment of humanity and life on Earth.

It is in this way that becoming a Priestess required a certain initiation or rite of passage to ensure that she beheld the devotion, integrity, and strength one needed to be a true Priestess. These initiations and rites of passages often included provoking the deepest elements of one’s shadows to help her overcome fear and entrain her ability to stay in her power, no matter what she faced. Because a Priestess stands at the threshold of the Spiritual world and how it influences the physical world… this role was not for all women. It was rare for women to become Priestesses in ancient times. 

In modern times, we no longer have temples and orders to adhere to in the same way that the ancient women practiced with. At some point about 2,000 – 3,000 years ago the Temples fell, and I truly believe that our generation of women are some of the first to resurrect the Temple Priestess Arts. This is such a powerful time to be alive! As sacred women, this is the lifetime we have been waiting for, and we must invoke the Priestess Path with respect and reverence for the ancient ways. In this article I’m not going to go deeply into the fall of the Temples because that is an entire lesson on it’s own, but what I can say is that without integrity there is no Path for the Priestess.

Integrity is the main virtue of a Priestess, without integrity there is no sacred feminine. When one harnesses her raw power to commune with the divine and create life through alchemy, ritual, and ceremony… there is a very thin line between light and dark. Perhaps this is why the ancient feminine principles and practices have been hidden for thousands of years? Even in ancient times, the Priestesses swore under oaths to not speak of the mysteries they carried. This is because of the magnitude of power that these art’s held shaped everything from the success of empires to the wealth of harvest. Priestess work is powerful. It can, and has changed everything many times throughout history.

We deeply need more women to awaken to their power as embodied, sacred feminine souls in a way that is deeply connected to their integrity and vision for wellness in the world.

Times are sensitive. The sacred truth that held the ancient ones throughout antiquity has been lost, and considering that the world is barely hanging on by a thread, I believe that we must begin bridging the ancient practices of worship again to restore harmony. While I was in Egypt man moons ago on a sacred pilgrimage with the Oracle Art’s Academy, my teacher Isis Indriya shared with us the ancient Shambhala Warrior prophecy. Hearing this prophecy changed my entire vision and attuned my heart even deeper to the remembrance of why we came Earth at this time, and why our prayers, our rituals, ceremonies, and community matter. 

My own purpose has been shaped by the remembrance that women hold the power of the future, and the less power women hold… the more our world suffers. Now, feminine power does not look like the patriarchal power structures we see at large in our world. Feminine power is rooted in sovereignty, inner-knowing, and devotion.

A Priestess has the compassion and connectivity to all of life mastered. She owns her power not as a way to stand taller than others, but rather to be good medicine for the world. It is in this harmonious dance of knowing herself, her worth, and her power that she makes way for others to remember the same simply thought her embodied essence. 

The essence of a Priestess is efflorescent. She is in-touch with her sacred femininity, and lives in harmony with nature, so that she may listen. A Priestess trusts that she has the capacity to hold and experience everything that life brings her way. Her path is paved by the divine, and she knows that each step she takes is an honor. She is efflorescent in her nature because she is intelligent about her purpose and artistically carries it with reverence. 

The celestial pathway of venus over her 8 year cycle

Priestesses and the Divine Feminine

It is the Priestess that lays the energetic shifts that restore balance, and anchor the divine feminine frequency on Earth. When a woman walks the path of the priestess, she knows she has a personal responsibility for the vitality of Earth. As she is in her Divine Feminine energy, it is impossible to not be in relationship with the Earth Mother. Nourishing this relationship attunes her skills to listen to what life on Earth needs. The women who walk the Earth right now are in a great position of power to awaken the hearts of humanity. 

As a woman awakens to her connection with the divine she deepens her ability to be of service to humanity. A Priestesses primary devotion is to be in communion with God / Goddess consciousness, so that she may hear the needs of the world. It is in this way that she cultivates her channel and becomes a modern oracle.

All Priestesses have oracular abilities. It is through her gift of communion with the divine that she begins to lay the energetic shifts for Earth. A Priestess is steeped in her own power because she knows the gravity she holds; this is forged from her remembrance that everything in life is connected through the essence of the feminine. As a woman the more you allow yourself to be in your divine feminine energy, the more connected you will feel ~ the more connected you feel, the more prosperity you shall see in your personal power.

This is why in The Vessel Mystery School we focus so much of our practice on clearing the ego; I want to teach you how to attune to the power and pleasure of your channel. Every woman has one, and all that is needed for you to be in its power is devotion. 

The ego is the first element of the human mind that doubts you divine embodiment. By softening the ego, you can merge with the true path of the Priestess. Once the ego and mind has softened, you can begin to genuinely live from the holy essence of your heart and womb, and I believe that this is where the key-codes to your oracular gifts live.

A woman calls herself a Priestess when she is ready to acknowledge her experience of the sacred / spiritual elements of life.

In no way is the Path of the Priestess for beginners. This is a path for women who have walked with the divine long enough to deeply understand her relationship with spirituality, her power, how to be right relationship, and what the connectedness of life genuinely means. 

Walking the Priestess Path is way to reach towards the depths of Divine Femininity. In order to deepen you must go through some experience that serves as a Rite of Passage. In ancient times this would look very different than it does nowadays, but when you’re moving through a Rite of Passage, you know it. Nonetheless.

A Rite of Passage may look like an ego death or dark night of the soul. Often times you move through some form of hardship that’s purpose is here to fortify your connection with the Divine, and therefore remind you of your potential and how truly powerful you are. 

This is so important because when you are moving through a Rite of Passage (the Priestess Path offers many), you are deepening your medicine and studying for what is to come. Thankfully mystery schools are emerging again to hold Priestesses through these Rites of Passages with more structure, community, and resources. This is why I personally believe it is so important to devote yourself to a mystery school / community. You will need it.

The Priestess Path is not for wandering aimlessly. You must be sharp in your spiritual devotion and held by the essence of why you are walking upon the Priestess Path in the first place. This path has the potential to manifest you wildest dreams of beauty, bounty, and bliss, but it is through devotion and divine service that this comes.

So, how do you know if you’re ready to walk upon the Path of the Priestess?

It all begins with a calling to deepen.

A Priestess longs to deepen her connection as an embodiment of the Divine. She longs to live in a way that allows her to express and explore what it means to be a sacred woman. 

You will know that you are ready to walk upon the Path of the Priestess because you have the self awareness to hear the calling. From the depths of your feminine soul is where this calling emerges, and in order to meet it, you must go to these depths. The deeper you go, the deeper you are upon the Path of the Priestess.

A woman honors the calling to deepen by studying the way of the Priestess. The path of the mystic is the path of the Priestess. 

Sacred Feminine Mystery School

My love, by making it this far into my article, you must know that you are ready for the Path of the Priestess. She is calling you, and all you must do is listen to how she wishes to be embraced. The Priestess Path is a way of life.

The Priestess path is deep and rich with prayer, activism, devotion, & radical self awareness. It is in this way that for you to become a Priestess, all that is needed is your ability to give yourself permission to deepen.

In my work with women and the Priestess Path, I have discovered that there are two main access points for you to begin with if you wish to deepen upon the Priestess Path. Community and practice.

Take your first step towards deepening as a Priestess by finding a community of women who are passionate and committed to exploring the Divine Feminine. This is essential! The more you surround yourself with other women who are on the path, the more in your power you will feel. It is through finding yourself a community of Priestesses that you will feel a sense of safety and growth upon the Priestess Path. I believe that this is essential that I have created a global sisterhood just for women who walk the Priestess Path.

Path of the Priestess

Without practice, there is no Priestess Path. You cannot call yourself a Priestess if you are not actively engaging in rituals and ceremonies; practice is the life force of Priestesshood. If you wish to deepen your oracular gifts, awaken your inner mystic, embody the Priestess, find a way to deepen with ritual and ceremony.

The Vessel Mystery School was birthed to fulfill both of these needs upon the Priestess Path. In my school you will connect with a global network of women who are awakening the Priestess, and are actively studying the ancient mysteries. Monthly we gather for activations, rituals, and ceremonies as that we may deepen with what it genuinely means to be Priestesses.

I am deeply honored that you care about this way of life, and I know that you will find your way to deepen. It is my deepest desire that you join our Mystery School because what we are creating is so deeply rooted in living the ancient way of the Priestess now. 

I hope you’ll join us, The Vessel Mystery School.

Thank you for reading, and please remember to share your thoughts and questions below in the comments. I love hearing from you Sacred Sister! Also, if you enjoyed the information shared in this article, please share it with women you love. We all deserve to remember the ancient way of the feminine.

Big Love, Taraney Nicole

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