On Tuesday February 19th, 8:53 AM (MST), the Full Moon will rise high in our sky. Her energy will be strong, and powerful knowledge will come along with it.

This full moon enhances our intuition and ability to feel our emotions fully. This Virgo Full Moon is inviting us to take responsibility for the organization of our sacred intentions. Creativity and inspiration are key words for this full moon and we need to give our imagination some room to play and dream big.

We can relax and allow ourselves to have fun! The virgo energy will want us to get organized, and stay focused on growth, but with the Sun entering Pisces we are being asked to let out inner child out to play! The key for this Full Snow Moon is to find balance in all areas of our life so that we can truly do what we love, and love what we do!

Use This Full Moon to Work With: 

Spiritual Cleansing
Detoxifying your Body
Cleaning your Mundane Life
Healing your Energy Field
Letting Go of Blockages

During this Full Snow Moon you can expect your creative energy to be enhanced! We will truly feel the need to express ourself so that we can expand into the person we are currently making room to become. Expansion, Creativity, Wit, and Understanding are our allies during this Full Moon, as they will help us go inward with a divine funky spark! Any resistance you have to a little chaos should be let go on an exhale. Take a deep breath, do something to center your heart, give your creativity an outlet, and share your gratitude with the universe. With all this floaty and fun energy, don’t let yourself forget about the deep need to organize under this Virgo Moon. Get together some detail on what you need to do in order to reach your goals. Allow yourself to build a structure that gives you imagination room to play. Initiate your goals under the moon! A fun way to do this is by making a dream board with pictures of your intentions and asking Luna to activate them and clear out anything that could be blocking your goals.

The Full Moon is all about letting go.

Use this time wisely to really dig in and find out whats not serving you. Go inside, feel your divine fun energy.. look deeply at what may be blocking this expressive / expansive energy in all areas of your life. Its okay to be brutally honest with yourself, and trust that this Virgo Full Moon will wash away all those worries. She truly wants to declutter your inner mess so that you can charge into Spring feeling so fresh that you dreams show up effortlessly for you.

The glorious planet Mercury will be our stellar guide for this Full Moon. The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th taking us out of the cool, impersonal objective realms of Aquarius and into the dreamy, watery realms of Pisces. Already in Pisces, Mercury awaits the Sun. Welcoming the Sun into Pisces, we are diving deep into the worlds of imagination, intuition and the more accepting expressions of love rooted in compassion and the desire to serve.

Virgo will be rooting us on as we clean up our mess, so that Pisces season can bring us legit magic. This is a profound time to get your shit together, and truly allow yourself to have fun. Real sustainable change is here, and now is our time get ready for the profound blessings going our way this Spring.

This Full Moon activates our intuition and emotional side, and at the same time Virgo is inviting us to make serious room for responsibility. Connect the details to your intentions, and start working on manifesting your dreams today.

Stay open to messages from other realms, but be sure let them come with ease. The energy will be almost airy, so dont let yourself get wrapped up in confusion. Rest on any questions you have until this Full Moon is over.

February is often the snowiest month of the year, which is where this moon gets its name. The Snow Moon is a perfect time to step inside yourself and really hold space to feel your warmth from within.

Here is a perfect way to celebrate the Snow Moon!

Fire Burning Ritual

This ritual is perfect for the Snow Moon! Get cozy and build yourself a sacred fire. This can be inside, or outside, whatever makes the most sense for you. You can maybe add in some Palo Santo, or even sage to amplify its cleansing power. Next, write out all that you wish to let go. Take this time to be thorough when analyzing your life. Clearly look in the mirror at your limiting beliefs, toxic patterns, and negative attributes within your life. Be real and raw… write them all out, and when your done, sign your name, and throw your paper into the Fire.

This is a simple, yet extremely powerful way to let the universe know where you need some help. Full Moon rituals prove your devotion to the sacred ways of our world, and truly offer as a right of passage to Lunas sacred energy. I handcrafted a special Full Moon Ritual Kit for you guys to connect with during this time! You can get your very own here!

If you’re interested in working more intently with the moon, check out this blog post i wrote in 2018, How To Work With The Moon Phases. It goes in-depth into all the moons phases, and how you can align your life with the patterns of the Moon.

Happy Full Moon & Enjoy!!!

XOXO, Earthney

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