Whether you are giving birth for the first time, or the fifth time – we all know birth is not easy. 

It takes the deep inner work of facing your deepest fears of life, death, & of course birth. 

Going into Pregnancy poses a whole rebirth for you, mama.

My job as your sacred birth keeper is to make sure you are mentally, emotionally, physically, & spiritually ready for this monumental moment of your life. I am here to protect you through the ebb & flow of your birth ceremony. As a Doula, I am basically your best friend/mentor here to support you to the deepest depths of your own being. I am not a surface-level person, so your work with me will be nothing less than life-changing. I am Trauma-informed, & will navigate our work with tender care for your traumas and work through them with you so that as you go into labor, they don’t influence your ceremony. All the work you do on the inside will show up in labor, this is why I only serve in the highest support as a Sacred Birth Doula. 

I will help you cultivate a birth plan, and educate you on pregnancy, labor, birth, & postpartum needs. I go on call two weeks before your “due-date” to make sure that I am able to be there for you without a single doubt. In the birth space, whether we are at home, in a birthing center, or in a hospital I will help you make decisions, honor your birth plan, & protect your rights as a birthing mother. If complications arise, I will be right there with you holding sacred energy for whatever pathway is ahead.  Once your sweet baby is here I will assist your new family with postpartum care. This may look like setting up meal trains, cooking you yummy food, making you gorgeous herbal care kits, and even clean your home for you – whatever support you need, I am here to fulfill it. 

I am a Doula, which is a nonmedical professional that supports families through birth. I am not a midwife or a doctor, I am a scared birth keeper. In the same breath, midwives are not & cannot tend to you as a doula. In my personal opinion, a woman should always have a doula with her through pregnancy and birth to support her in ways that no one else can. As a Doula, I am the support that is infinitely here for you emotionally, spiritually, & physically. Learn more about the difference between midwife and birth doula here.

Get To Know Your Doula, Taraney Nicole

Hello there Queen,
I am a Life & Birth Doula, a Healer, A Priestess, & Lover of all things connected to the Sacred Feminine.
My service honors the phases of the feminine from menstruation, Priestess arts, feminine embodiment, & somatic bodywork. As a sacred birth keeper, I combine all my medicinal magic to serve families in the most spiritual ceremony of life – pregnancy & birth! If you are drawn to me, it is for a reason, & I am over the moon to support you!

If you have any questions, please reach out to me by email at taraney@earthney.com or learn more about my Sacred Birth Work here: https://taraneynicole.com/sacred-birth-work/

Big Love To You Mama, @taraneynicole

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