Womb Story Medicine  Our bodies hold onto memories as codes that become infused into the way we create, release, & receive in everyday life. These stories – no matter if we register them as positive or negative must be seen & integrated before we can move forward into our Creatrix Embodiment. Within our womb story, we hold three pivotal experiences: Our Birth, Our First Bleed, & Our First Sexual Experience. In all of my work, we begin with exploring our womb stories to see where we may be stuck/stagnant because of them. All women deserve to know the power their womb holds on their lives, & a big piece of it begins here. Let’s begin :: Your Birth The way we came into this world is deeply connected to the way we create. For example, my mother had an easy birth with me. She got an epidural. Which slower down my birth after a great flow of consistent contractions. I have seen when I give birth to desires, I tend to get very energized… then as I settle into the mission, everything slows down. It takes me deep focus to get what is in me outside. This is a reflection of my girth story. Your First Bleed Menstruation is a reflection of how we release. Our first experience with this is a pivotal manifestation into our subconscious around cycles death. Our relationship to letting go is completely influenced by this story. The first three days of my bleed were spent in secrecy. I told no one. I knew what to do, so I just did it. Inside I felt embarrassed & unsure how to voice this experience. I was eight years old, and not mentally ready at all. Even today this story lives in me. I often find myself at a loss of words when I am releasing aspects of my life. No quite sure how to speak up to others in order to create change. This is my deep work right now!

Your First Sexual Experience 

Receptivity, how we relate to being held by others & the universe is the manifestation of this experience. If you’re like me, and your first time having sex was rushed & dishonorable, receiving is probably quite confusing. You want it, but aren’t quite sure how to get the richness that you crave. Sometimes this can cause you to disassociate & distrust others’ capacity to meet your needs.

Each of us have our own story 

They relive through us in a unique way — not to be compared or contested.

By looking at these three highlighting moments of your life, you are able to find where your womb healing is needed.

No matter what these stories are, they are sacred! Exactly as they should be. If you don’t feel good about them, work on the narrative you hold.

The narrative we hold around our stories is what creates. The subconscious hardwires this to repeat in multiple areas of our lives, trying to work it all out.

This is how we heal womb story ~ through the narrative.

When we accept what she has been through, we accept what will happen! Building self trust & compassion.

If you want to dig deeper into this work with a guide, I AM YOUR GIRL 🕊

Book a Rebirth session with me if you hear the calling!

Big love, @taraneynicole

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