Here’s the thing love, the stories you tell yourself all exist within your body, and they are rarely based on the truth of your external reality. When we go into the body, we break the spells, and therefore meet life authentically.

Dropping into your Yin energy can be one of the most challenging pursuits because it begins with softening your mind, getting your nervous system to regulate, and then your soma will open up.

When the soma opens, she is relearning how to relate with life.

Build safety in the body first, and the mind will follow.

Let me share with you how I broke the spell of an old story

Sister, I broke the spell. Laying on my studio floor. Tears rolling from my eyes — one hand on my heart, the other on my womb. Just breathing & crying. Catching up with myself. I got here, baptized in my own holy waters after tearing myself apart for half an hour. I was annoyed. Exhausted. Completely done. 

I was following a thread in my soma, through my mind, and into my body, exploring my own story of longing to be chosen. I wanted it so bad. All of the stories running through me, taking on a life of their own…It was crushing me. And in this moment, I got to a point in the thread where I could clearly see where I wasn’t choosing myself…self abandonment for the sake of being chosen. That was the spell. 

I surrendered all of the stories as they danced along my spine, and the clicking in my brain told me it was DONE. I collapsed onto the floor as tears began to stream from my eyes reminding me of life’s promise. 

In being alive I am already chosen. The rest of life is dependent on how I choose myself. As each breath moved through my body, I could feel my soma soften. I could feel myself. I was in my yin. 

I spoke to myself aloud, “I am life choosing itself”. 

My womb opened and I felt life love me. 

My heart warmed and I felt life love me. 

My mind softened and I felt life love me. 

This work has transformed me into the magnetic, metamorphic woman I am. So sisters, know thyself…soften into yourself ~ from within so without. 

You can choose yourself, too love!

YIN is here to dissolve you into the Goddess.

The Goddess who knows she is HELD.

The Goddess who knows that she can lean back.

The Goddess who knows that there are benevolent beings that care for her so deeply, weaving miracles for her daily.

All she needs to do is open & receive ~ which begins in the BODY.

What’s beyond this is a pure, sacred, and golden embodiment of who you truly are at your core. She is ready to emerge. Lean into it darling.

If you would like to tap deeper into the Goddess frequency I invite you to explore my blog Channeled Goddess Rose Codes.

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