Yoni steaming, also known as pelvic floor steams or vaginal steaming, is a practice that is truly ancient to the feminine. I definitely recommend inviting yoni steaming into your feminine rituals, and I’m going to be going over all of the details so that you feel prepared to start today.

This is by far my favorite practice to honor the temple of my womb. As soon as you sit down to steam, you instantly feel relaxed…feeling the weight lifted off of your body, off of your shoulders, but especially weight held within your womb. I have witnessed wild transformations from women from every single walk of life when they practice yoni steams.

Click here to watch my YouTube video here all about Yoni Steaming. 

What is a yoni steam and what is the significance?

This involves sitting or squatting (sans underwear) over steaming water that is infused with lovely, medicinal herbs. It is a very simple sacred practice for us to slow down and tend to our yoni to relieve tension from the pelvic floor, to relieve pain and to overall support the flora of the yoni so that she feels harmonious and her pH is balanced. 

Because the tissue of the vaginal canal is neurofascial tissue, we hold stress here. The steam softens the vaginal tissue, allowing you to feel more relaxed, and therefore relieving stress in your brain (the connection between the yoni and the brain is WILD!).

Materials you will need

  • Kitchen pot & towel OR Yoni Throne & portable stove
  • Herbs

How you can practice yoni steaming at home

I wanna dive into how you can start to practice yoni steaming at home. There are two methods you can choose from.

  1. DIY at Home – Getting Down in the Kitchen Method

If you are new to yoni steaming, it is perfectly okay to literally get a big pot from your kitchen, fill it with water, and let it come to a boil. Once it’s at a boil, you will add your herbs, and then you’re just gonna let it simmer and steam, slowly percolating the herbal medicine out of the herbs and into the water. Once this cools down and you can see that the herbs have diluted into the water, you will take it off of the stove and set it up in a place in your house — wherever you feel most comfortable.

*Make sure that the pot is covered with a towel when you begin because it’s very easy to burn yourself.* When this is ready, you will crouch over it, making sure that you’re hovering about 2-5 inches above the pot. The tissue of the yoni is super sensitive. Go slowly and deeply listen to what’s happening in your body. 

2. Yoni Throne Method

If you are looking to deepen your practice and have this be more of a regular ritual that you are doing for your womb temple, I highly recommend getting a throne. This will be a really easy, simple, pleasurable yoni steam. I particularly love this yoni throne by Kitara and have it myself. I waited like four years into my yoni steam journey to invest in one of these thrones, and I can’t believe it took me so long to do it because it has been so valuable. 

If you also have a portable stove that you can put into the box of your yoni throne, you’re gonna be able to gauge its temperature throughout so it can cool down and you can heat it back up. You can also enjoy sitting on it while you’re heating the herbs, which is quite pleasurable.

How long to yoni steam?

I’ll typically only steam for anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. It’s a perfect amount of time for me, but I also know sisters who do full 1-2 hour treatments. So I would say the bare minimum amount of time is 15 minutes. But if you can work your way up to 30-40 minutes, it’s gonna be really, really supportive for you and your womb. I like to have a towel or a blanket over myself, and I’ll just take my time to meditate and unwind my mind, deepen my relationship with my womb as I’m looking at…

What she’s letting go of…

What she’s releasing…

Why is she softening?

What tensions has she been holding onto? 

Introducing yoni steaming herbs

In my work as a priestess, I’m very interested in the way that spirit communicates through plants. We find so much magic and medicine in yoni steaming when cultivating this practice with herbs. These herbs come in as allies to support us, not only, of course, physically, but also energetically and emotionally. 

Hawthorne & Nettle is a beautiful herbal blend you can work with specifically when you’re starting out with yoni steaming. They work together to relieve pain, to support with boundaries, to add magic to the yoni palace, and also to increase the blood flow.

Plant alles you can bring in:

  • Hawthorne 
  • Nettle
  • Juniper
  • Rose petals
  • Rosehips
  • Rosemary (we love all the rose codes!)
  • Mugwort or motherwort
  • Red Raspberry 
  • Blue Lotus

Yoni steaming precautions

  • Make sure that your materials are clean. The yoni is so sensitive in her pH balance, and any bacteria that can get in there can very easily cause a yeast infection. If you’re doing a yoni steam treatment out at like a massage parlor or something like that, make sure that their cleanliness is good as well.
  • Don’t yoni steam while you’re bleeding/on your period. Yoni steaming will actually increase the blood flow, increase cramping & headaches. And it’s also going to be messy! Wait until after you are done bleeding to do your yoni steam. In fact, I find it the most helpful for me in my menstrual cycle to yoni steam during my follicular phase about seven to 14 days after I’m done bleeding. 
  • Refrain from yoni steaming if you are pregnant or trying to conceive. 
  • Don’t yoni steam if you have an IUD birth control device in your womb. It will soften the tissue, it will soften the cervix and I’ve known women whose IUD has actually come out while they’re yoni steaming!
  • Not recommended if you have anything going on with your yoni, such as sores, blisters, or a yeast infection

Benefits to yoni steaming

  • It’s gonna deepen your relationship with your womb so beautifully
  • Huge stress relief in your life
  • Will fortify your vaginal tissue, allowing you to feel stronger and more connected to your body
  • Will increase orgasms and your ability to receive more pleasure 
  • Power to heal sexual trauma – the greatest benefits that I have personally experienced

I really hope that this introduction was helpful and you do consider yoni steaming because it has been something that’s so profound for me and all of the women that I have had the pleasure of supporting along their womb healing journey.

Please let me know how you like it! I would love to hear from all of you.

I humbly bow to the woman you are and who you are becoming in your sacred feminine rituals.



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