Gateway 4: Pillars of the Creatrix

Working with the tools of our womb cycle, this month we will be birthing a project into the world! This creative project can be for our businesses, jobs, healing practices, & our self-expression! The Pillars of the Creatrix system comes from our femme cycle of fertility, life, death, & rebirth. March offers to opportunity to birth something POWERFUL out into the world.

The Creatrix Way

Creatrix Initiation

Creative Powers of the Womb

Honoring the Hearts Calling

Your Creatrix Soul Work

This month is your chance to radically embody your fullest potential 

Welcome the Creatrix into everything you do this morning. 
When you wake up, when you make your food, when you shower when you work… allow her to guide you through it all. 

Discover what needs to change, so that you can be more empowered in all that you do. Naturally, as your work with your own Creatrix codes, they will clear out what no longer serves, so that you can be a more clear channel for prosperity. 

We are all different. 
Some of us create easily, some of us have a hard time with it. 
Some of us receive easily, & some of us stay closed off. 

These two areas will be our focus this month : creativity & receptivity.

In our guided journey below we will be working with a stillness meditation to simplify your creative energy & step into receptivity. 

A guided journey to open your receptivity codes

Listen to the guided journey

A guided journey to embody you creative vision

Listen to the guided journey

Discover to architecture of your soul ~ a 1.5 hour masterclass

Taraney Nicole Energy healing sessions

Creating with your cyclical nature

This month I am inviting you to create with alllll your juicy feminine power

There is something that wants to move through you this month, feel into it. Notice what vision came to you during your last bleed, what is you womb calling you towards. Listen. Perhaps it is a new soul aspect, project, experience, or even relationship. Whatever it is, this month you are invited to get to work & create the reality that longs to be explored by your heart. 

With the wisdom of your menstrual cycle, look at how you can create this birth with the medicine of your womb, and plan it out.

Put all your energy towards this goal, and share you ideas + experience with our sisters in our group! During this months sister circle call we will all be sharing our projects!

Sacred Playwork

Playwork is your opportunity to dig deeper into this magic & explore your body as a sacred temple! 

Playlist of the month :: Creatrix Codes

One of our purification rituals for this gateway is movement!
Put on this playlist & alway yourself to just dance!


Creative energy need space. This month I want you to mindfully cleanse your life. Notice what thoughts naturally arise when you read those words, cleanse your life. Perhaps it is you body temple, home temple, community… Below are some ideas on ways you can cleanse this month to amplify your create energy + cultivate spaciousness for the magic you are about to birth.

Clean your closet : get rid of old clothes that don’t hold the energy you are currently embodying. Especially those that you haven’t warn in years, that make you feel insecure about your body, and especially the ones that hold memories of an unwell version of yourself. 

Clean up your diet : sit down and listen to your body. Ask her what she needs less of, and what she needs more of. Maybe she wants a water fast, or raw cleanse, or to cut out specific foods like dairy, meat, or oils. Honor what she has to say by making plans to do this cleanse for the Temple body.

Clean your mind : what are the thoughts that float around you mind daily? Do they feel good? How much space are they taking up? Are they cultivating heart-centered action? Take time daily to clear your mind with meditation and journaling. Write or speak out the words you need to release, and call forward a spacious mind with deep breathing.  

Clean your life : in what was do you give your power away? For most of us, there are sneaky areas in our lives that leap our energy in unconscious ways. Sit and evaluate you daily life ~ the habits, to additions, the desires. Decide what is serving you and what it no serving you. Make changes accordingly.

Daily Breast Massage

How connected do you feel with your breasts? 
They are the gatekeepers to our feminine hearts. When we learn to love & nourish our breasts, it invites us to step into Compassion.

Your playwork this month is to practice a breast massage daily! Add it to your morning practice & witness how much more at ease & open to love you become. You need this as your re rebirthing this month!

You have now completed the Pillars of the Creatrix gayeway

You are invited to share your healing experiences with our sisterhood. Our group page is the sacred space where we can dig deeper & practice the magic of being seen. Share your creative process, allow us to hold you there!

When you speak your truth, it gives all of our other sisters to do the same – this is where we can step into our power!

Questions to ponder on:
What is my connection to God & Source? 

How has this changed over the years?

How do I receive right now in my life?

What is my hearts deepest desire right now?

How do I feel when others ask me what I do?

What are my beliefs around abundance?

Be sure to dive all the way through our e-book! There are some amazing bonus practices & worksheet!

Looking forward to connecting with you in our next group call! 

Big Love, 
Taraney Nicole 

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