Deepen into the Holy Grail of your feminine 
power, pleasure, & purpose with 

I support women who are ready to expand their capacity to hold more through deep physical + emotional womb healing. I know you are ready to experience more of your own feminine multidimensionality. Your womb is ready for you to heal in a way that liberates your femininity into her fullest, most sacred expression. There is a whole world of bound energy within her, waiting to activate you into pure pleasure and purpose. 

“Taraney’s gift of Womb healing is an offering to the divine feminine in all of us. She knows how to create a beautiful container for deep healing, magic, and synergy to occur. She creates the safest space for women when they need to clear energy out, in order to create room for something new. She left my womb feeling pearlescent, and light as a feather”
Madelyn Moon
Feminine Leadership & Intimacy Teacher

We worship the WOMB 
As she is everything

When the Womb begins to call to you, it is an omen that true transformation is on the horizon. She is the foundation of your womanhood; the womb is the axis of all creation. All of your stories, memories, everything is held within Her.

The Womb is who you are. How you process life, how you call in your desires – every pillar of your life is governed by your womb space. Listening to the calling of your womb is initiating yourself into a deeper relationship with your sacred womanhood. This is an invitation to take back your sovereignty over the most potent element of life, the WOMB.

Pathways to WOMB WORK

WOMB WORK in Austin, TX

As a Vibrational Medicine Woman, in-person Womb Work is a ceremonial session where I facilitate hands-on devotional bodywork through the following modalities ::  

•Tantric Breathwork
•Womb Massage 
•Breast Massage 
•Pelvic Floor Mapping •Herbal Womb Steam
•Multidimensional Medicine

90 / 120 minutes


Online Womb Healing Sessions
In our virtual womb work sessions I create an intimate, sacred space for you to process your Womb story, and cleanse your Womb through multidimensional medicine & guided a self practice. 

My intention is to share my unique medicine with you, while also teaching you how to practice Womb Work on your own body. These session are great for women who are ready to deepen with their self-practice / need support in healing past traumas or stuck energy. 

90 minutes 



Are you looking for something deeper?
Private Womb Healing retreats are one of the most powerful ways to immerse yourself into the Sacred Feminine Art’s & experience great transformational healing. Private retreats with me are deeply ceremonial, and uniquely designed for your Womb’s needs / desires.

Contact me directly to plan your Womb Healing retreat!

“The Womb Healing session I had with Taraney was completely beyond what I can bring to words. Every single aspect of it felt so divine and intentionally curated. Her deliver was intimate and tender; so safe. I felt so seen and considered by her, which allowed me to access some incredibly deep parts of myself to be expressed, moved, integrated, and ultimately loved. She did an incredible job at navigating what can truly be described as the MOST personal and intimate healing modality imaginable, as I chose to receive the internal pelvic floor work. I had full trust in her ability the whole time, her integrity, capacity, and wisdom. showed that she is well studied in her craft + intuitive gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you, infinitely.”
Maya Basik
Sensual Somatic Healer

How to know if you’re ready for Womb Healing

As a Womb Priestess, ceremony and ritual are at the heart of session I offer. Your womb has great emotional intelligence, and with her as our guide we will revolutionize how you feel as a woman from the inside, out. With deep listening, and pristine energetics I offer a sacred experience that liberates your womb back to her original blueprint.

With the Divine Mother as my guide, it is my intention that you experience a deep remembrance of the Goddess. Womb Work leads you through a full spectrum rite of passage that welcomes you to the throne of your own life.

Breast Massage, Womb Hara Massage, internal Pelvic Floor Mapping, and de-armoring are the main pillars of my Womb Work practice. In all of my private Womb Work sessions, you can expect high-touch ceremonial care that intricately weaves Vibrational Medicine, Tantric Breathwork, Somatic Movement, and Sound Healing.

There is a whole world of pleasure, power, and purpose waiting for you in your pelvic bowl ~ I am here to support you in cultivating this fully.

Taraney’s gentle, loving presence allowed for my own guidance system and codes to shine through. We reached a level of depth that I honestly did not know was possible, and it gave me a new level of respect for cultivating the womb. The connection and process awoken me to my own womb codes, and they are speaking through me.
Shuba Eachempait
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant



I believe that the plane of existence that you exist from, lives in your body. By doing womb work and healing your trauma, you will naturally open up to a whole new world of existence where infinite possibilities are present.

We believe that the body will hold onto that which it experiences until it is completely safe to process it. Through my devotional body work, we will create a safe and sacred space where your Temple Body can bring forward all that she is ready to release, so that she can rebirth her relationship to the Feminine. 

I also believe that your purpose was seeded in your womb long, long ago, and that by doing deep somatic healing work, you will naturally make way for these seeds to emerge with the divine bandwidth to nourish and grow then into the profound legacy you came here to fulfill.

Life is multidimensional, and therefore everything we explore in our 1:1 session’s is navigated with this lens. Past life experiences, ancestral karma, and psychic field work are exclusively at the foundation of all the healing work we pursue.

What to expect from a 
WOMB WORK session

WOMB WORK is for every area of life.
Women do womb healing to help them face their deepest of traumas & their biggest up-levels. Personally, I specialize in life-purpose, pleasure, and personal power. Women from all walks of life have come to womb healing to support them with everything from sexual trauma, birth and postpartum healing, clear energy  from past lovers, release old oaths, vows, or contracts, ancestral healing, past life trauma, and even psychic attacks. Because the womb is where all of life begins and ends, every element of life can be nurtured through womb work. 


Who are you in your power?
Who are you in your pleasure?
Who are you in your purpose?


Ready to deepen with your womb space?