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Womens Wellness & Alternative Healing

I'm Taraney Nicole


I support women in Sovereignty + Sensuality to embody full spectrum femininity. 
By cultivating an inner world of love, beauty, & wisdom all things are possible.
My work focuses on attuning your body + mind with the infinite wealth of your spirit. This is deep work. You will learn to embrace the wildness that thrives in the paradox of your pleasure + pain. We will work Temple Priestess Arts + Somatic Therapy to rebirth your life into who you have always meant to become.
My online programs, trainings, private mentorships, retreats, & sacred healing sessions are portals for your next level embodiment.

My mission is to assist you in becoming the best, most empowered version of yourself. Together we are redefining what Feminine Power looks like in the world.

Taraney Nicole retreats and rebirth sessions

Explore the power in your feminine body

Enjoy my free E-book on how to explore your body as a sacred temple for divine feminine embodiment!

You will learn the four feminine phases within your menstrual cycle, & how you can integrate self-healing, magic, & embodiment within yourself on a daily basis. There will be explorative practices for you to enjoy that will forever change the way you hold yourself!

Want to work with me?


As an Intuitive Healer & Mentor, 

I am here for your divine re-birth.
Through somatic healing, womb embodiment, & vibrational medicine we will work 1-on-1 to unravel all that you are desiring to become. 

Whether this rebirth emerges from trauma, judgment, or even fear, I am here to guide you into the transcendence you crave to be your most empowered & embodied self. 


As a Doula, I serve as a sacred birth keeper

It is my honor to create your birth environment as a ceremony where you feel supported, nourished, & empowered to bring your baby earth-side. 

If you are a Mama looking for an intuitive, heart-centered, & east going Doula to guide you through pregnancy, birth, & postpartum care I invite you to explore my birth services! I offer remote & in-person options to best suite your needs.

The World Needs More Embodied Womxn

Embodiment Codes

In support of my mission of empowering womxn on Earth to harness their full embodiment, I have a free course that holds the core teachings of my work. 
We explore the medicine of breath, movement, intention, & the sacred art of listening to unearth your highest, juiciest, most abundant offering to the world!

Your next level embodiment awaits


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Be Your Own Healer

Intuitive Healing Online Course 

Online Healing Course

A 7 module, go at your own pace online course on the sacred arts!
Have you always wanted to learn how to be your own energy healer? 
With video lessons, guided meditations, workbooks, & three e-books, you can tap into your intuitive healing abilities to discover your spirit medicine!
It is all within you my love, lets dive in!

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