Priestess Temple Arts Training Retreat

Womb Healing + Tantrik Arts

Mount Shasta, CA

June 9th – 13th, 2022

Sacred Feminine Embodiment Training

In The Temple Priestess Lineage

Rebirth sessions - Sacred Feminine Embodiment Training

Your Feminine Body Is A Sacred Temple

This is a revolutionary retreat to luxuriate your feminine body as a living temple. We will alchemize Her into divine embodiment, safe to be seen, & supported to release all that no longer serves her. 

This retreat is a catalyst that will welcome you into the Temple Priestess lineage as a womb healer. We will be moving through the gateways of the body to release trauma, activate your truth, & harness your power as Priestess!

Priestess Temple Arts is the pathways to embody the Sacred Feminine. As a healing modality, the TPA transforms the body into a living temples of the Goddess. During your retreat stay, you will be purifying your whole system to activate your Priestess Codes for yourself & those you are destined to serve.

Rebirth Your Relationship To Your Body

This year’s Mount Shasta retreat is devoted to studying the feminines place in heaven on earth. We will be focusing on the gateways of our wombs, hearts, & the crown to purify the body into a living temple, so that the feminine feels safe to rise.

This is an opportunity to redefine your relationship to Her, & leave behind shame, & guilt. You will be initiated into becoming your own best healer through learning your body’s wisdom.

As a training retreat, this experience is educational in it’s essence, & ideal for womb embodied people who desire deeper self healing or are Feminine Embodiment healers/womb workers. At this retreat you will learn the self-healing + client applications of the Temple Priestess Arts – a modality channeled by Taraney Nicole. By the end of this retreat you will be well initiated to preform womb cleansing rituals & ceremonies on yourself, as well as guide other women through this modality.

Below are pillars of the Temple Priestess Arts that you will learn at the Invoke retreat:
Vibrational Energy Healing, Breast Massage, Tantrik Arts, Rose Priestess Medicine, Embodied Movement + Somatic Healing, , Yoni-Work, Earth Alchemy, Ancestral Healing, & Womb De-armoring.

The 2022 gift

We can all feel it – this year is BIG for feminine beings… especially those of us who are rising into leadership.

In honor of this, we are offering *free enrollment* into the MEDICINE KEEPERS mastermind – a 12-week course for medicine women to rise into the art of feminine business with integrity, growth, & deep sacred service. 

This is a $1000+ live course that you will get for free when registering for this retreat! Which is essential in building your Temple Priestess Arts practice.

TOPICS COVERED: Money is Medicine, Leading the pathway of GOLD, The Medicine Speaks, This Path Chose You, + 7 other gateways. 

Are you ready to rise into your divine leadership?

Mount Shasta's Sacred Energy

Every year Taraney host’s a retreat in Mount Shasta in honor of its potent healing energy. Mount Shasta is known as the Root Chakra of the Earth – perfect for womb healing. Elemental medicine is alive & well offering us sacred waters, holy land, & mountain medicine to explore as we rebirth our internal world. Mount Shasta serves as a portal/vortex bringing through many ascended masters to support a complete life transformation. 

Taraney Nicole Doula work, retreats,
Energy Healing Sessions - Temple Priestess Arts

What are the Temple Priestess Arts

The Temple Priestess Arts is a sophisticated system of vibrational healing & bodywork that is devoted to bringing alignment & initiation into the female body & consciousness. Channeled by Taraney Nicole Vigil, Womb Priestess & Master energy healer, this system comes directly from the Sophia Consciousness. Designed for the modern woman to rise into her sacred femininity through invocation & initiation. 

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for womxn who are looking to initiate their Priestess path & transform their relationship to their bodies. Invoke is a safe + sacred space to face your pain & your pleasure to be liberated into your full, authentic, & alchemized self. This retreat is not for women who are unwilling to face their own traumas & shadows, & who lack the depth that this sisterhood needs. If you desire to facilitate womb work or go deeper with you self-healing, this retreat is for you.

Our Sacred Stay

Guru Shasta is the beloved temple for our retreat! This retreat has helped countless souls through rebirth & transformation. We are blessed to call it our Shasta Home. Adorned with sacred tools like crystals, light catchers, gorgeous artwork, & abundant foliage, Guru Shasta truly embodied heaven on Earth. Guests will stay either in the house or in a dreamy Lotus Bell tent.

Do you hear Mount Shasta calling?

So, you hear the calling to join the INVOKE Retreat, whats next?

Begin with applying for this training retreat.
This application is a simple process that allows us to protect our sacred sisterhood from any ill intentions.
From there decide what payment feels good for you : PIF $2,000 or 4-monthly payments of $555.50.
Upon acceptance, Taraney will send you the payment link & info for our gathering!

Meet the Priestess Retreat Guide, Taraney Nciole

Womb Priestess | Doula | Vibrational Healer | Tantrika 

Hello Beloved, 
I am grateful that you hear the calling to join me at the 2022 Mount Shasta Priestess Retreat.
This land is beyond sacred to me; it is my greatest teacher, & I truly honor its abundant medicine. Getting to share the gifts of Mount Shasta with my Priestess Sisters is one of my greatest passions! This will be my fifth retreat in Shasta & this year we are taking it deeper than ever before. 
We will shed & renew ourselves into new levels of the embodied Priestess, I pray you follow the calling, as this journey will initiate you in ways that are beyond your wildest dreams.

Retreat Outline

Day 1 :: Calling upon the Sacred Feminine & Priestess Embodiment
Day 2 :: Pathway of Womb Alchemy & Elemental Medicine
Day 3 :: Gateway of the Holy Heart & Sacred Sessions of the Temple Priestess Arts
Day 4 :: Claiming Her Crown & Centered Connection with Source
Day 5 :: Priestess Ordaining Ceremony  

Are you ready to join the Temple Priestess Arts?

Retreat Accommodations

Our Sacred Stay will be at Guru Shasta between the town of Weed & Shasta, California. This divine land is filled with towering pine trees, an abundance of flora medicine, & plenty of space for everyone to come together, as well as get alone time.
This is a training retreat.

You will be investing in your greatest expansion for personal & planetary evolution of the Priestess on Earth. All that is taught in this training can be practiced & taught in your business/community!

View the photos of our temple below!

There are a total of 18 spots open for this retreat; making an expansive experience to full witness the magic that happens when women come together!

The energy exchange for Temple Priestess Arts Retreat is offered in two tiers.
The paid in full price is $2,000 – if you need a payment plan, the price will go up to $2,222. We do offer scholarships to sisters in need! This includes our BIPOC community members & single mothers. Please email us at to apply for a scholarship.

Everything included in your ticket:

  • 5 days, 4 nights Accommodations
  • 1 post retreat group call 
  • Nourishing Plant-Based Meals
  • Hikes : Panther Meadows & Fairy Falls.
  • All Workshops
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • Guided de-armoring facilitation
  • Yonigazing circle
  • Goddess Embodied Movement
  • Priestess Temple Arts Healing resources

Testimonies From Past Retreat Guests

"Taraney is such a gift. She is an incredible teacher, leader, and sister. In Mt. Shasta, I reached new depths within myself and walked away feeling lighter and more comfortable in my temple body. I was able to connect with my grandmother, who passed away earlier last year, during this retreat. This allowed me to grieve into new depths and understand that my relationship with her now has evolved but our love is everlasting. The shadows that came forward to be healed during this experience allowed me to step forward in a new light. I’ve learned so much from Taraney and implementing these lessons into my day to day life has been life changing. I also met sisters on this retreat that are so dear to my heart. It was a true remembrance of our sisterhood throughout lifetimes. As the sisterhood wound runs deep, these connections were healing in itself. I highly recommend Taraney to anyone looking to dive deeper into their feminine essence, reconnect to their womb, and to live life to its fullest potential. She has made a huge impact on me and the women who surround me as well. ❤️"
"There are no words to truly describe the impact Taraney and her teachings have made in my life. It’s all in the codes. It’s all in between the words. You feel it. Deeeeeeeply. The healing movement she invites in the body, in the energetics of your being, in the soul, it’s absolutely, soul shakingly L I F E C H A N G I N G. I have been blessed with her medicine in her Temple Priestess Arts Retreat, Temple of Her 6 month program, Infinite Wealth masterclass & many of her free offerings & I must warn you - her medicine invokes movement in your life. When you say yes to her medicine & sacred work, all that is no longer in alignment in your life will shift instantaneously. She is a true medicine woman. Anchoring Heaven into our hearts. Angel in human form. Most profound medicine I have ever had the pleasure to receive."
"Taraney - Wow, what an embodied priestess and friend! I have had the pleasure of working with Taraney for Reiki tuning, a rose code retreat in Sedona and her Creatrix class. She is such a beautiful bridge between our bodies and our divinity. She has been supportive, uplifting and has known when to gently nudge women towards their own highest version. My life has forever been touched in the most beautiful way by her magic. Know that when you cross into her waters, you will be renewed and activated ❤️ You will be seen, heard, and held. Get ready for change and growth!"
Bianca Siwek
"The Rose Code retreat was a magical experience. Taraney held such a powerful container for things to move and flow as they needed to. The retreat flowed and everything was perfectly aligned. Taraney is here in this world to help heal and wow- I feel so blessed to have been able to truly feel the womb healing that took place in those 4 days and beyond. I was able to shed old stories and feel seen, heard and loved. I fell in love with myself and formed such strong powerful connections to myself and others. I know that the retreat helped me quantum heal and step into my power and strength. The retreat was a blessing and I cannot wait to see how the journey will continue to unfold now that I have shed things that no longer serve me. I also have to add that the magic of Sedona was strong and those hikes were medicine. Thank you Taraney"
Michelle Z
"Taraney, You are such a magical being! Spending days at your retreat was my best investment of the past few years. Thank you for holding such an holly space to welcome the sacredness and uniqueness of every women. I felt held by your Love and your warmth, I felt comfortable being who I am, truly completely me, connecting back with bare skin and Nature! Thank you for being such a magician of Love, I am honored to call you a sister."
Julie F - Soul Healer NYC
"Such an amazing retreat with beautiful humans. This trip really helped me be ME and express myself with like-minded women. We were all together in harmony and had space to really heal. This trip really grounded me and connected me to spirit. It was all if not more than I imagined! Highly recommend if you feel called as I did!"
Miranda Maness
"This was one of the most magical experiences ever! So Many Upgrades and Light Transmissions with All the divine feminines collectively! Lots of bonding and healing time! Experiencing true pure and genuine sisterhood. You get to be you, no judgment felt!"
Maheen Sandhu
"I had such a magical experience on the reiki retreat and absolutely recommend that anyone interested attends a retreat✨ In Mt. Shasta I connected with over 20 new soul sisters, stepped further into my power as a healer and connected with my inner child and highest self more than ever before. I left the retreat a lighter version of myself and am so ready to share this magic with the world! I am so grateful to these powerful, embodied women leading these experiences"
Abbey Wheelock
"The Shakti Medicine Retreat was the most beautiful sisterhood gathering I have experienced! It was so magical to be surrounded my nature and likeminded powerful women. The atmosphere was so safe for expression and healing - pure connections were made. Andrea and Taraney are two of the most inspiring women I am blessed to know. I am so grateful for them and the deep wells of wisdom they share with so much love! I feel inspired, transformed, and reconnected to Spirit! I am home and already miss all my soul sisters! "
Tatiana Karina Schallert
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