To the solace fo your soul.

The space where you & spirit get to merge.

Unity consciousness ~ complete oneness.

Initiated into the Tantrik path of self-mastery.

Become your own best healer.

Learn yourself.

Find yourself.

xxx, Taraney Nicole

How To Best Work With This Course

The online course is accessible on your desktop, mobile phone, and tablet! You can take it with you wherever you go. This course is designed as a six-week process, and can also meet you at your own pace. As we move along, more gateways will open.

Allow the spirit of this course to guide you ~ stay devoted to it. 

I recommend setting aside at least one hour a week for this course. The soul driven playwork is easy enough to fit into your daily life, and is designed to assist you in taking the material into your life so that it can be practiced and integrated into your reality. 

Allow yourself to flow through this course in a way that feels natural for your spirits growth, and give your intuition some room to play! If you find any difficulties along the way please reach out to me at

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