Walking the Elemental Priestess Path of Feminine Healing

Feminine Healing and Priestess Work

What is an Elemental Priestess?

In the center of every woman’s life is a delicate balance of energy, emotions, and empathy. Working with Elemental Priestess teaches you how to harness your center and move through life with true equanimity. This is what the path of feminine healing is all about – cultivating sensitivity and equanimity within yourself. There are no better teachers for this than the elements ~

Earth my body, Water my blood, Air my breath, & Fire my spirit

The elements live both within and outside of you. Your beautiful feminine body longs to dance with elemental balance. Most women come to the Priestess Path with a humble prayer in their heart for healing. Earth, Water, Air, and Fire are the most ancient healers and teachers. Learning to work with the elements as a sacred woman will bring purification and balance into your life. Purification that teaches you what it means to be a Priestess and how to create a life of grounded sustainability that nurtures your feminine.

The Elemental Priestess is the archetype of the feminine who lives fully in relationship with these living masters. She knows how to slow down and listen to the silent wisdom that weave through every moment. It is this archetype that supports women as they walk the Priestess Path. Because without the elements, the path of feminine healing can feel formless. The difference is keen to wandering aimlessly versus walking with devotion. 

The feminine loves devotion.

The beautiful thing about the element’s is that they will never compete for your attention. They will never force you to listen. Only ever so gently invite you to listen. This is why wisdom keepers from so many traditions from all around the world have held the elements dearly. From the Druids, to the Shamans, Temple Priestess of ancient Egypt, the Native Americans – all cultures will reveal to you that the most powerful medicine in the world can be found in the elemental masters.

I see each element as its own Priestess. Below are my personal reflections on the Elemental Priestesses, and the unique qualities that they each carry. Listen closely to your heart as you read each one. Notice which calls to you and why. 

The Earth Priestess

She teaches us to trust life’s cycles and seasons. Everything has its time and your organic feminine nature is in sync with that timing. The Earth Priestess focuses on healing the root. Ancestral healing and the maternal lineage are her devotion. By going deep into the roots of your life, only there can the deepest changes ( alchemy ) can take place. The Earth element is all about sustainability and long-term fulfillment. As a Priestess, when you work with elemental medicine you walk a path that leads to shadow work and eventually will bring you to true, embodied sensual aliveness.

The Water Priestess

Sensuality and sexuality are big for the Water Priestess. Her medicine is devoted to washing your womb clean so that you may effortlessly feel what is true for you. The water element needs movement to work her magic. Dance, exercise, and expression are the mediums you work with to call upon Water’s healing. At her core the Water Priestess teaches about the art of being a woman; how to balance your emotions, and how to stay fluid yet contained. 

The Air Priestess

Qualities of quietness are nourishing for your feminine energy. It offers a sense of peace and spaciousness that allows you to center yourself. It is in this way that the Air Priestess teaches how to slow down, soften, and ultimately be carried. When you activate your feminine vortex, you are working with the energetic forces of Air. There is a current of grace that moves through the elemental nature of Air. It teaches you to trust life’s unfoldment by being peacefully devoted. Meditation is the practice for this priestess fore it offers you a way to find inner spaciousness. Air is also connected to the throat chakra and your voice. It is also in this way that she teaches you how to express your truth so that your vessel may stay clear. 

The Fire Priestess

This elemental master teaches us about the delicate balance between destruction and purification. Fire is a powerful force. It forces you to change – whole complete change. The Fire Priestess is the elemental master you work with when your very essence is called to transform. Her totem is the Phoenix. I see her emerge in women’s lives when they are being asked to rise. Fire teaches you how to hold your boundaries, defend yourself, and harness fierce feminine energy. Her qualities remind you of what it truly looks like to embody true masculine and feminine balance. 

We Embody The Elemental Priestess Through Sacred Work

Deepening intimacy with these four Priestess archetypes takes place through Ceremony and Ritual work. Waves off the wombs waters, deep breaths surrounded by the flickering light of fire and the solid sway of Mother Earth. Circled with creation. Listening. 

Since the beginning of time this is how women have communed with the sacred. All it takes is pausing to be present with the elements because they are always here. Within you and all around you; the more your commune the more you see.

“Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear” ~ Mary Magdalene 

Feminine healing is a path of leaning into your life and allowing it to hold you. The elements are life. Discovering how to harness your breath and mind with air. Moving with water in your blood and womb. Grounding with Earth medicine. Dancing with the fire of self trust. The Elements are allies, and as much as your ego wants to complicate it… connecting with these teachers is quite simple. In each moment that you are alive, the elements are with you.

During the Unfurl Retreat in Costa Rica we will be mentoring with these Elemental Priestesses every day!

I want to teach you how to find balance with each Elemental Priestess. In each of the ceremonies, rituals, and courses we will move through at the Unfurl Retreat, you will we invited to learn from these Priestesses. My intention is for you to awaken into a relationship where you know you are not alone. 

The beautiful thing is that all of the Elemental Priestesses are alive within you. Waiting to be unbound and worked with. 

That is what Unfurl is about : awakening the Priestess within you and reviving your feminine energy! Healing the maternal lineage, sensual aliveness, vocal activation, tantric breath-work, and even activating your feminine vortex are a few of the courses you’ll move through at the Unfurl Retreat!

If the Elemental Priestess path is calling to you consider applying : Learn more here

Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath, fire my spirit.

Remember the elements live within you. 

Your beautiful feminine body longs to dance with her elemental balance. 

Dive in and discover the magic and medicine that the living masters hold for you. 

Don’t be surprises by the pure magnetism that awakens within you!

Big Love, Taraney

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