Whether it is an internal conflict you are going through, or something external like world hunger, human rights violations, or homelessness -there is always something to pray about. 

Our hearts are heavy. At times is can be really easy to get overwhelmed with all the suffering on our planet. In these moments prayer and meditation are key. But rising up with energy and prayers is not the place where your power lies. Taking action and doing real life lightwork is how we are going to create real tangible change on this planet. 

It doesn’t take much to see your prayers manifest when you put action behind them.

prayers + action = change. 

As a spiritual development advocate and healing practitioner it would be ridiculous for me to not reveal the power that lies in taking action against our woes. Pain is natural, a raw emotion that is here to teach us, and when whenever it pays a visit, it is in our best interest to listen. Stepping into pain is being brave. And that is what our world needs. 

Our world needs lightworkers who are ready to walk into the disaster of our world (quite literally) and do the work necessary to shift the vibration of our planet. If you are reading this blog, you are indeed a light worker, but beyond that, right now you are HUMAN. And right now humanity doesn’t need just your prayers, it needs your efforts in making this world a better place. 

Community is one of the most powerful tools of our human race. The way we can come together and create change is unlike any other species on planet Earth. Its time we start using this quality to its power again. 

Playing our part in healing the world can be effortless. 

It all stems from compassion. When we are compassionate we only contribute acts of kindness, and that is all it takes. If you are feeling stuck, your family is being defeated by the rough path ahead, do something to lighten up their day. this can be a simple as going on a walk with them, making that phone call, or even making them dinner. But in an even bigger context, if immigrating children being separated from their parents hurts you, donate. If homelessness hurts your heart, donate your time, or even clothes. If you want to change gun laws call your local governments office and demand that changes be made. The list can go on forever. 

There is always something you can do to contribute to bettering the situation. With so many blockages in our world, and so much to pray for, we need more action. 

The universe rewards those who put actions behind their prayers. 

Be the change. 

Do your part in shifting the vibration of our planet to its fullest.

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