Our Moon is the strongest and closest astrological body to planet Earth, and its effects on humanity are profound. The Moon connects us to our emotions, as well as our creativity, and ability to be in tune with the unknown.

People from all over the world connect with our moon spiritually to help bring peace, abundance, and even security into their lives.

The Full Moon

When the moon is full, its energy is powerful and intense. Glowing in the night sky, when we see the moon in all of its glory, we are reminded to take action! This is the best time of the month to shed all that no longer serves you, and take the actions necessary to get yourself in the right direction. Whether you are wanting to let go of an aspect of your life, personal self, or ever an external drag, the full moon is here for you to let go, and let be.

A full moon ritual is a powerful way to invoke this change. Mindfully connecting in a sacred space allows you to release, purge, and let go in a safe space while acknowledging the spiritual power all around you. 

Rid the old, and celebrate the new! Allowing the moons light to shed upon an old personality, behavior, frame of mind, and even relationship is a gorgeous way to step into your own power and heal yourself.

The Full Moon Ritual 

This ritual marks a sacred time of transformation in a ceremonial and formal way. It proves to yourself and the universe that you are ready and serious about undergoing a real change in your life. It opens up a whole world of new energy, and experiences to enter your life!

Release Ritual  

What you will need: Pen, paper, matches, candles, two bowls, and water.

If you can, go outside under the full moon. Connect with the earth below and the sky above. If being outside is not good for you, find a nice, comfortable space inside where you can focus and connect.

For this ritual we will being using the elements of fire and water to assist us in releasing. Fire will burn away all of the old and consume it with light. Water cleanses it all away.

  1. Cleanse your energy field. You can do this by smudging yourself with palo santo or any other form of smoke. If you do not have that, you can always imagine white light pouring from you head, down your whole body cleansing away all impurities.
  2. Create a sacred space. Get yourself comfortable and situated by decluttering your area. Bring out your crystals and spirit gear!
  3. Light your candle & fill your bowl. Fill one of the two bowls with water and place the candle between them.
  4. Write out what you wish to let go. Using your piece of paper and pen, begin to write out all that no longer serves you. Be clear and realistic with what you write down. When you are finished be sure to sign and date your letter.
  5. Burn your paper. Center your self with a few deep breathes, and use the affirmation “I choose to let this go now, and so it is”. Place one corner of your paper into the flame, and allow your desires to burn away into the vast universe. Stay open to how it shall manifest. If your page is not burning well, that is a sign that you are not ready to let go and that you need to put more energy into it. It is a sign of resistance. Only when you are truly ready to let go, the page will burn fully.
  6. Wash away all that no longer serves you. Once your page has fully burned take your bowl of water and place your hands into it. Intuitively connect and wash away the old, and invite all that you are ready to receive.
  7. Go inside yourself. Once you finish the steps above, it is important to open yourself up and meditate on the power you just witnessed. Stay quite and open. You can leave your candle burning because it is more powerful to flow right into meditation.

This is one of my favorite Full Moon Rituals, and this is just how I do it. If you feel guided to change anything, I invite you to let your intuition guide you. Do what feels natural to you. The most important part is your intention. As long as you are centered and ready to let go, the rest will flow.

All of my creations are charged in the new and full moon energy, I perform similar rituals to make sure that the energy is clean and positive for whoever uses it. My Shakti Amor candle and Fallen Moon spray are perfect to incorporate into any ritual! Blessings and happy full moon!



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