Harnessing your center is a daily practice that will revolutionize every sector of your life.

From your intimate relationships, your finances, your connection to self, how you honor the planet, & even the actions you take in alignment with your dharma – your center amplifies it all.

Your center is here to remind you who the f**k you are.

When harnessed – it is your super power.

So, what is “your center” ?

In the Temple Priestess Arts we teach that the center is the Spinal column (physical) & the Shushumna (etheric spine).

These pillars connect our conscious mind to our heart & womb.

When these become misaligned (physically & vibrationally) chaos happens.

I invite you to question where you have been living out of alignment from your center…

What experiences in the last month came from your womb being out of alignment with your mind?

What about your heart & mind?

Your womb & heart?

Now, if you harnessed your center rather than reacted, how would the outcome have shifted?

There are very specific rituals & practices that we do to bring the Womb, Heart, & Mind into unity!

Breathing techniques, somatic movements, & embodied practices free the rage, disgust, shame, & of course fears that keeps you from your center.

Freedom is thriving within your center.

May you listen to her often.

May you honor her guidance & always give yourself permission to embody alignment.

From one Priestess to another



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