Living below your waist is the key to birthing a new reality for yourself

A lot of us go through life completely detached from our lower triangle.

ie : our power center, womb space, & se.xual organs

A womxn who lives only above her waist probably spends more time in control rather than surrender.

Relationships become suffocating & controlling – nothing feels like it’s enough.

Her daily life gets rushed & disconnected from pleasure.. where simple life moments like eating & sleeping fall lifeless.

Her pleasure lays dormant, as she is often waiting for someone to rescue her from her self neglect.

Living below your waist gives you permission to embody your personal power in everyday situations

Relationships grow full of trust & balance.

Everyday moments hold potent magic & she is present for it all – the good, the bad, & the ugly.

Self pleasure is the beginning of it all

Sex, spirituality, & sensuality are well integrated with compassion & self respect for her temples desires

You deserve to be embodied for YOU.

Awaken your lower triangle & access your oneness with the universe

Let’s begin ▿

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