Hello Beloveds! I wanted to share this very quick message with you all around feminine magnetism. This is just a little, piece of this really big expansive topic of Feminine Magnetism. 

I made a post, maybe two or two days ago around me questioning the difference between manifestation and magnetism. And I’ve been really stepping into a space where magnetism is a lot more resonant with the way that I approach my desires. A big piece of this is because femininity, and its true embodied essence and power, is magnetic. That is how we bring through our desires, right? You can go read the posts and get the full download here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRwZSPJHGRl/

This essence around feminine magnetism was something that I wanted to share a little bit more regarding how to embrace the essence that is magnetic within us all. Because this essence is already there, you’re already able to receive it. All you need to do is really step into it. 

The easiest way to step into your magnetism is by cherishing yourself, truly cherishing yourself. Cherishing your time, cherishing your energy, and when you do that, you become magnetic because your energy becomes more and more pristine. Now, this is mainly from a pure vibrational perspective. Of course, there is a lot of actions that you must do to manifest or receive your desires in reality, right? We must take action, but the energy that we bring to these actions to get what we desire is a core ingredient in what we receive. So, it begins with magnetism.

Which when harnessed is a very feminine and masculine balance within us. Typically, with our day and age, cherishing ourselves, cherishing our energy, is the best way to come into harmony and balance with the masculine and feminine dynamics within us. So, to cherish we have to slow down. We must slow down and listen and really attuned to our “Yes” and “No” and move in a way that is in integrity with our happiness and our joy and our pleasure and our ability to go to the depths of our emotions when we’re feeling pain and finding pieces to cherish. 

Cherishment can look like going on a walk in the evening sun. Cherishment can look like having a tea practice. Cherishment can look like saying no to an experience or situation that you really don’t want to go into rather than saying yes out of obligation. Cherishment can be giving yourself the opportunity to learn something new that you desire. Cherishment can mean that you know, you love yourself, and that you live from a space of pure love for the self. And so, for me, that is the beginning of feminine magnetism. It is cherishing ourselves. Cherishing what we invest into. How you’re spending your day, and through that, you build a reservoir. 

You build a powerful account of self-honor, self-respect, reverence, gratitude for who you are, and that, my love, is magnetic. That is the energy that life and the quantum and people are like, yes, yes, yes, I want that. I believe in that. That feels good. And when your essence and your energy radiates “that feels good” it all comes. Job interviews, sales, friendships, relationships, romantic pursuits. All become graceful because it comes from a space of “I’m living in highest integrity with my core desires” from a space of self-honor. 

Self-honor, self-honor, self-honor. 

So, this was just a beautiful message that came through as I’m navigating this beautiful paradigm shift. I’m connecting the dots to what’s been happening over the last year really, around my own success, my own wealth, my own ability to create this life, like I’m literally sitting in my life right now. I’m like, “oh, we did this.” These deep desires that we had a year or two years ago it’s right here and better than I ever could have imagined. 

What really brought me here? Those are questions that I’ve been asking myself that have led to these beautiful epiphanies of our magnetic energy and what happens when we really step into self-honor. What really happens when we give ourselves permission to live in integrity with ourselves. That is revolutionary. 

If anything, I hope that you take away how important it is to cherish yourself and how that is the key ingredient to a well-respected and nourished life. 

With honor,


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