This Monday, June 17th marks the Full Moon, and many astrologers are calling it biggest one of the year! 

The Strawberry Full Moon is coming at the end of a major eclipse cycle that we have been in since January with the solar eclipse. All the hard work and prayers we cast out during that astrological doorway is now going to come true. The biggest, deepest, most powerful dreams are coming true!
The Full Moon is a divine time to shed layers of that no longer serves you. It is a time to shine a light on the baggage you’ve been carrying around, and this time you are going to truly let go. When the moon is full, the Sun and Moom are opposite to one another -forcing their duality to face one another and shed light. During this time conflicts can arise if there is boiling tension within our inner lives. Whatever is out of balance in your life will be known under a Full Moon. It is our job to tune in, listen, and follow through within our findings.
This specific moon is going to give us the extra energy we need to gain faith in ourselves. With patience over the last 6 months, we have been learning the strong lessons of doing things the right way and having integrity in all that we do. Possibly shortcuts have been leading you the wrong way, and now is your chance to get it right.
Spiritual wisdom is in full force during this Full Moon for those who have the self-discipline to tune in. Sacrifice may be necessary so that we can let go of our baggage and karma that is holding us back from fulfilling our purpose. Make sure you stay in tune with practices that are positive for your long-term growth, rather than short-term satisfaction. It is now time to step up and give it your all. Remember at this time you are learning to understand your own boundaries and limitations. Stay optimistic no matter what you find.
Now, there are other aspects in this Full Moon that can trigger disappointment, embarrassment, or shyness. These frequencies are being cast out so that you can question yourself and truly find your core. Take any hard emotions as an opportunity to navigate yourself back to faith. This practice is the best training you can get right now as you move forward with more confidence. Do your best to not be overly trusting or generous… if you’re a people pleaser, be careful at this time. Really avoid anything that could manipulate you or take advantage of your energy. It is so important to rely on yourself, loved ones, and the divine knowledge within. Use this time to dig into yourself and pave a beautiful road forward.
You may also notice that at this time everyone may seem more focused and have acute thinking. This is incredibly helpful to focus on going inward and making your dreams come true. Now is 100% perfect time to do the real work it takes to manifest your goals especially legal paperwork, getting things fixed, and even enrolling in classes you need. With this energy also comes aggression, which needs to be handled right in order to make this a positive time. Aggression can help us move forward, respect our boundaries, and do really great things really fast. Self-awareness is key. Make sure to exercise and release built up energy so that your relationships can go smoothly. If people in your life are showing us with hostility, defensive thinking, or are even being argumentative ~ just give them space. Understand that it is just a reflection of what this moon is bringing up for them, and maybe encourage them to go on a walk, or really do anything that can decompress their aggression.
This moon is a great time to get together with friends and celebrate life! It truly is going to have fun energy, depending on what you’re going through. Friends and family gatherings will be a nice way to take off the edge and lighten your heart. Maybe go on an adventure or take a spontaneous trip with a friend! Do something to expand yourself. Humor and storytelling hold great medicine for us under a Sagittarius moon. Generosity is also going to go a long way!


  • Take a trip
  • Read or write a story
  • Give donations for a good cause
  • Support an artist you love
  • Enroll in a class
  • Find a new mentor
  • Go into nature
  • Have a bonfire
  • Get your car fixed or cleaned
  • Create art
  • Journal

Because this moon also comes with amazing creative energy I also want to share three journal prompts with you guys to practice under a Sagittarius Full Moon! These are good to do before a ritual or just to help you decompress some energy and get in tune.

  1. What are the higher truths that are guiding your life right now? When and where did you gain these? Are they good or bad? What about outdated?
  2. What signs and omens are you seeing in your life right now? Are you paying attention? What do you think they are trying to speak to you?
  3. Write about all the ways you can educate and enlighten those around you. Find the key aspect of life you think you can help others with and make a plan! How might you expand that talent for uplifting others?

Like all sacred astrological times, the energy you give in is what you will get out. the nature of Sagittarius is very spiritual so it is a great idea to get a reading, do a ritual, or even go to church. Spiritual guidance will be available directly when you need it, so just ask. Getting out in nature will offer great downloads, please do it, even if only a stroll in your neighborhood, this will increase your sense of faith.

So much love and blessings for you all,

Taraney Nicole Vigil 

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