Ten lessons I’ve learned from my de-armoring practice:

1. I am beyond worthy of feeling it all

2. I am safe to go into my pain/numbness.

3. Sex / sexual energy is inherently pure & non-perverted

4. My womb, my yoni, my pussy is the holy grail of connection to source

5. My body is mine.

6. Money & sexual pleasure are equals.

7. Freedom from sexual trauma is best released from the physical body paths that were traumatized. ( Chest, stomach, legs, & sexual anatomy )

8. All I have to do to receive is ask.

9. Only we hold the power to save ourselves.

10. I am beyond worthy of a life that is rich in pleasure.

In order to receive these truths, I had to go inside of myself to express all that was needed for my healing.

As women, were taught that our womb is not for us. Working with our own womb is so taboo that it is often shamed.

As a Womb Priestess, it is my greatest prayer that you are brave & courageous enough to allow yourself to go within, sister.

Take ownership back.



For yourself.

All the shame you’ve received over the last many lifetimes is ready to be cleared.

It is all being held in the body.

In her facia.

In her nervous system.

In her frequency.

The Yoni is the gateway to the Akashic realm where quantum healing to possible.

You must go in to clear it out.

& beloved, it is so safe

If you are feeling called to dig deeper into this work I offer a course that is here to hold you.

Sovereign Sensuality https://taraneynicole.com/sovereign-sensuality-course/

This is a go at your own pace course that guides you into becoming your own best healer & love through de-armoring, breast massage, & pleasure ceremonies.

This is holy, sacred work.

I look forward to sharing this powerful content with you

You read more and join Sovereign Sensuality here!

Pleasure & Prosperity


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