On August 15th the Full Moon Rises high in our sky, hitting her peak to bring some much needed energy to Earth.
This Full Moon offers an energy of balance and holds space for us to decipher which perspectives in our life need some new thinking.  f you have been experiencing troubling thoughts and limiting beliefs, then now is a profound gift form the universe. On this day the gift of choice will make itself clear. This moon is asking us to choose our perspectives and actions wisely.
Aquarius is a social sign which makes this moon a good opportunity to get out and connect. With this, it will work in your favor to choose wisely who you spend time with. As always, but especially under this full moon be sure to surround yourself with people who match the identity you want to bring into you life. You may notice yourself witnessing many divine alignments as they reveal their truth as you make decisions that align with your highest self. Communication is heightened during this time which manifests life changing conversations and realizations that have been in the long time coming!
When Luna travels through this high vibrational sign, we can tend to get a little frazzled; as if all we can hear is the buzz of the moon communicating to us. This may lead you to act impulsively and act on a whim. My advice with this is follow your gut.

Don’t doubt the calling, reach out to that old friend, give yourself permission to go to that event. You will not regret it… if you do some more change is needed. 

Aquarius does enjoy community and can be a social butterfly, it is also important to step time focusing on your individual self.

Finding balance under this moon is a good place to start. Maybe open up the inner discussion of boundary setting, and finding a way to focus deeper on your own needs. It is a good energy to build something new for yourself, so go within, and get to work. The beeper you nourish yourself under this moon will ripple out ten folk in every aspect of your life.
Rebellion will also be a wild energy in the air. This can be good… or bad depending on your intentions! This being said, SET INTENTIONS! Allow this rebellious and bold energy to carry you into a new positive change in your life!

Now is the time to go against all those limiting beliefs & take that leap of faith in yourself! 

There is a certain vibe in the air. It will feel different for us all, as it serves us all in our own ways. Nonetheless, carefully weigh your options and always go with what resonates with your heart the most. This is a good time of positive change. Aquarius grants us the graceful energy of new and progressive thoughts. Take special time to envision your future and gather all the understanding that is needed to follow your hearts desire.

Because this Full Moon is a time of high vibrational transformation, I put together some journal questions for you all to work with! Journaling is a lovely way to explore your mind and get everything right. Use these as a tools to take your experience of this Full Moon that much deeper, and see what medicine it has for you.

  1. What changes need to be made in your social life to better serve your goals?
  2. What is something you have been wanting to do for a long time, but have been doubting your ability to fulfill it? Now create an action plan to do it!
  3. If there are specific areas of your life that need to be refreshed, what can you let go of to let more good in?
  4. What part of the past is holding you back?

It is my greatest goal to provide potent spiritual medicine for you all. As always, take what you resonate with, and leave the rest. The energy that you feed into this moon, is the energy you get out. So please, do something special for yourself; do something out of the ordinary! You will be grateful for the leaps of faith you take at this time.

With love & respect,

Taraney Nicole

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