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Aquarius New Moon Energy Update

February 4 and 5 anchor in the New Moon in Aquarius! 

This is a sacred time where the sky goes dark, so we may truly see ourselves as we are. A time when the light shines on the darkness. We are invited to navigate our shadow selves, and look at life in a new perspective. Our intuition is heightened and our spirit guides speak clearly. Keep a look out for sacred messages.

The Aquarius New Moon offers as a sacred time for us to see deeper into our present challenges. She is activating us deeply, and it is extremely important that we take time to understand her messages with mindfulness.

Emotional trouble and discontentment are highly likely for the New Moon. The universe will throw us signs and obstacles… some of us will get stuck in our suborn ways. Be wary of this because the universe is not scared to put us on our ass during this New Moon! We are instead invited to take challenges as an initiation for new perspectives. All discomforts are simply growing pains as you awaken to a new truth.

Aquarius energy is mysterious, independent, free-spirited, and eccentric. Usually people born under the Aquarius sun sign are quick witted and overall humorous. The energy is also quite unpredictable and loves to change things on a whim. So, during this New Moon it’s important that we stay unattached! Keep yourself open to the many options you are face, and when disaster strikes, steer clear of stubbornness, and stay open to new perspectives.

It is important to not misread lifes message right now. Whatever it is that you are facing, sit with it. Dig in, and find out what the universe is trying to change in you. When you decide to slow down and react to life in a mature and heart centered manner, things begin to shift.

With that said, you can expect miracles during this New Moon in Aquarius 

Emotions are true alchemizes for change. When we get angry, irritable, or even aggressive we are demanding that something needs to change. This wakes up our mind, body, and spirit to listen and find a new course of action to bring in peace. Magic can be sparked in these moments when we navigate correctly! Discomfort and aggression fuels the need to shed away the old and manifest the new.

Use this energy to focus on manifesting your dreams! Get angry, get frustrated, demand change! Focus on your bigger dreams and passions that you wish to reconnect with. Even though they may seem very far away give yourself space to daydream about them. Stay as neutral as possible about your discontent with your current circumstance. Intention will be our ally for change. Keep your vibration as high as possible by doing something that is inspiring to you. And if you are still cleaning and clearing, keep at it!

Hold Space

Right now, the best thing you can do for yourself is to tune in. Meditate, sing, dance, blossom into the energy you want so badly. By simply holding space for your self-expression, you will fall madly in love with this energy. That may mean taking it easy and relaxing, or it may be going to the gym to blow off some steam. Whatever you need, close your eyes, tune in, and hear the higher calling that is speaking to you now.

Pay attention to your dreams as they may have deeper insight for you. Offerings of clarity, balance, and revelations are comment to come during the New Moon. This will be delivered with breakthroughs, so show compassion for your growing self.

Set intentions that will move you closer toward who you want to be! Now is your time to embody and manifest your dream. Ask yourself, am I living as my highest self? Am I being true to my heart? Am I being understanding with my way of growing though life? Depending on your answer to these, nourish yourself accordingly. No one else can do this for you but yourself. You got this!

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XOXO, Earthney

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