The transmissions found in this blog were gifts ushered to me from the Rose Lineage Goddesses as I prepared to lead my sacred Rose Code Retreat in the beautiful Sedona, AZ. These transmissions from the Goddess were originally shared with my email list over the course of 5 days and have been combined here as blessings for you and your path towards divine Rose Priestess embodiment.

Before reading these codes from Anna (the grandmother of Jesus), Mother Maryam, Mary Magdalene, Mother Isis, Hathor, I invite you to take three deep clearing breaths and open your heart to receive.

Upon completing a transmission, allow yourself a few minutes to sit with the medicine of their messages before moving on to the next. I am honored to bring forth these message of feminine force and hope they move your life into greater healing & liberation!

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Day 1: Honor Your Truth 

For the first day, we begin with blessings from Anna, the grandmother of Jesus – Yeshua and the midwife of miracles. “Call upon her and see what magic she has to weave for your life!”

These words by Goddess Anna pierced my heart as their truth showed me where I can let more of life’s love into my Temple body in order for the miracles to reveal themselves. 

“Beloved One, I come to you today with an invitation that will hopefully lead you to remember your power as it pertains to your truth. I walked this Earth for hundreds of years. I too have felt the pain and Sorrow that can embed within us during our time here, and I have also witnessed the miracles that take place as well.. within both we have a choice, and that is to honor our truth and feed our magic. 

I ask you today to question the ways in which you honor your truth and the pure magic you hold…? 

My testimony is that I am the woman who light conceived Mother Mary and taught her how immaculately conceive Yeshua. This was not done by coincidence. It took devotion and tending to my feminine power through magic, true medicine, & healing the wounds of my past. 

In the same way you have the ability to light-conceive miracles in your life. From your relationships, to your work and careers, there are infinite places in life where miracles can take place. Manifesting destiny can only happen when we attune to the vibration of the divine goddess within. 

So, my invitation for you today is to nurture yourself and choose to heal by looking at where you can better feed the magic of your life. 

Perhaps this looks like letting things go, or maybe you need to let new opportunities in. The discernment is yours. Listen and the wisdom of your feminine truth will lead the way. 

The path of the Rose is the beauty way.

This requires shadow work, and deep healing so that you can learn to let the beautiful blessings in. 

If you struggle with this, call upon me, pray to me, and we will discover all the places within you that are ready to come home to wholeness.

With love and compassion, bless you daughter.”

— Goddess Anna

Day 2: Trust in Spirit

On Day 2, this transmission from Mother Maryam, the Queen of Heaven reminds you that you dont have to hold it all… you don’t even have to know how it is all going to work out! You can just trust and take the leap. True faith is an admirable skill, and it will get you further than any logic ever will. Live from that space & let your inner goddess lead the way. 

“Child of the Divine, I see you, I hear you, and I truly feel you. 

Every prayer, every desire that you hold is met in my heart.

There is not a day in this life that you go unsupported. The Earth below you keeps you on this plane without a doubt in your mind; in the same way, I too keep your spirit fed with the light of your heart.

I came to Earth to fulfill the prophecy of the Divine Mother.

That is who I am, the embodiment of the Divine Mother

My nature is to nurture life here on Earth, and you are my child in this way.

Come home to the sanctuary of my heart.

Allow my essence to hold you, so that you can remember the true nature of your soul. Find solace here on Earth by letting go of the illusion that you are anything but one with divinity. 

At times of dis-ease, heartbreak, & lack of satisfaction ~ give it all to me. Raise your hands to the sky and offer it up to the divine mother. 

You do not need to hold onto these burdens as they are illusions, and in my embrace I can free you from all veils of concealment that keep you in separation.

Your nature is unity.

Burdens only drag you down from that truth.

So, today I invite you to offer it all up to me and sigh in relief that you are not alone, and that you truly are heard.

When you do this you will witness a miracle that will remind you of the true nature that beholds your life.

I love you, and I am infinitely with you, my child.”

— Goddess Mother Maryam

Day 3: Free Yourself

On Day 3, Goddess Mary Magdalene, the beloved of Jesus – Yeshua and she who is all knowing, is here with you. She reminds us that the true core essence of why we do what we do in this life as modern spiritual women is to help humanity come back to sovereignty. It is beautiful, challenging, and that is why sacred sisterhood is so important.

I welcome you to take a few deep breaths and attune to the awareness of your higher self before you receive these words. Land in your heart, breathe into your womb.

“Quiet all that is within and around you, and you will find the solace of your truth. The space where all is knowing, and free will can soar, no longer bound by the suffering and tragedy of life.

Free yourself, my love.

I know this is a concept dear to your heart as you live as a modern woman on Earth. The question of how to exist in liberation and alignment admits chaos has been present during all of Earths. This is part of the process, and is essential for us to explore this mission along the journey of self-mastery. 

This is my transmission to you dear, master yourself. 

Self-study is the act that brings us into alignment, even when the world is in its chaos, we learn how to hold our center. 

This not only empowers us, but it allows us to be in a position where we become influential towards the world around us, rather than being influenced by it.

Along the journey towards sovereignty this is pivotal.

You came here to teach the world how to be sovereign, so that the collective can remember it’s truth. In your own embodiment of sovereignty and self-mastery, by claiming this for yourself, it circulates into the consciousness of the collective. Harnessing these elements of life takes place on a vibrational level. Physical actions can only support sovereignty, but in it’s true essence it is an alchemical frequency. 

This is true freedom. 

All sacred women have a responsibility, and that is to our truth. 

Welcome the winds of truth to wash over you, purifying all the cracks that keep you bound in illusion. Allow the light of the sun to dance upon your bare skin, so that you can remember again. Move your body in the vortex of the Rose, and you will know the essence of your truth. 

All that you do in this life is for this: sovereignty and mastery, so that true love may prevail.”

— Goddess Mary Magdalene

Day 4: Bring In Your Power

On Day 4, we gather with Mother Isis, Ma of the ancient world and Mother of ten thousand suns. This energy is fierce and potent. Be ready for transmutation! 

“Daughter of ten thousand sun’s I welcome you to feel into your light body. Allow your power to be met by your heart. Welcome your I AM presence to land in your Temple.

When you move in through life in a way that honors your light, all of life becoming nourishing. It is only from a nourished and rejuvenated place that we are able to be of highest service. This requires boundaries and a sense of sovereignty that welcomes you home to the way of the Goddess. 

You are a Goddess, with wings that spread wide and a voice that run’s deep into the cosmos. See this beauty now. 

Your womb is the holy grail that gets to lead your life into the ultimate timeline of beauty and peace, so that heaven on earth can land. It all begins with you. Each day you wake, and all the ways in which you choose live serves as a pillar for heaven on earth to crystallize. 

Honor Her. 

The holy grail of your being. 

Listen to her needs, nourish her vitality, because she is your life force energy, and a life of truth requires devotional presence with care. 

It is in this way that I ask you daughter, how does the Goddess within desire to be cared for? 

What do you require to feel empowered and harmonized within? 

Ask her, and vow to respect your life in this way. 

Sexuality, self-image, ritual, & sisterhood are four of the most important pillars of your life that direct your embodiment. Harmonize these. Practice in a way that honors the sacredness that you are. Bring the core truth of your spirit to the forefront of your life, and all of those that you get to touch with your heart. 

I, Isis, Mother of ten thousand names, shine all my sun’s upon you in remembrance of the truth that you are. 

Hold this in your heart, harness it in your womb. 

It is all already here.“

— Goddess Isis

Day 5: Embrace the Mother and the Warrior Within

We have arrived at the final day of our sacred transmissions from the five Rose Lineage goddesses! Our final transmission comes from Hathor, the Egyptian cow goddess known as the cosmic mother. She birthed the Milky Way and governs the elements of fertility, beauty, creative energy, pleasure, and joy. Attuning to her frequency is celebratory, and teaches us how to live a life of true devotional love. She also has a counterpart – Goddess Sekhmet, who is the goddess of war, change, and conflict.

This message reminds us that there are times for beauty and there are times for fierce change that require us to draw the line. I invite you to look at your life and the current elements you are dealing with. Which embodiment do you need to call forward today? See where it leads you.

“Beloved Child of mine, I invite you to look at the constellations of your life. Study the cycle that you are in, and the overall tone of what you are experiencing during this time.

Being present with the seasonal nature of your life is an embodiment of me. It is how you harness the creative power of the universe – through pure awareness. 

Cosmic law is what governs your life.

Tonight as you look to the sky and see the stars peaking out at you, know that each celestial body is moving your life in a way that brings change. 

Ask yourself, what is the natural sensation of change that I am ready to experience?

From this questions you will know how to call upon me.

My force Is that with births and rebirths.

Every era evolves through my cosmic law.

Befriend me in this way, I am an ally.

The cycles and seasons of your life are here to teach you, study them to free yourself from the suffering that they can bring. When you ignore the patterns they will repeat, and like any great mother, I do this not to punish you, but rather to help you see more clearly. 

This life you are living is not one of suffering.

All the heart break, scarcity, and pain you have experienced comes from love. Suffering can only take place when we let go of our power to see that love. 

In times of radical change, My counter part Sekhmet is sent upon you. I come as a warrior to remind you of your strength. Learn to hold my high energy and embrace the warrior goddess within you. Only through this energy can you learn to truly embrace my beauty and blessings that bestow upon you. 

I have one final message to share, and I want you to plant this in your heart beloved one. 

We are not separate. 

I am you, and you are me.

We give life to one another. 

Connecting to my cosmic womb deepens your womb to harness its cosmic nature. Nurture this with me, and the feminine within you and without you will thrive. 

We are one.“

— Goddess Hathor

I hope these transmissions landed for you in a way that brings more empowerment in your life. 

Study the stars sister, they always have messages for you! 

I bow to the Goddess within you & I look forward to supporting her along this journey.

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