I felt called today to talk about feminine leadership.

This is a very beautiful, beautiful conversation that is emerging, quite abundantly in the online world and of feminine entrepreneurs. I think that there are some special things that have been dropping in, in my own personal life and my own personal connections with sisters and women of the world, that I want to bring through to this conversation around feminine leadership. 

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Really, to begin with, I want to share that this is a different paradigm. This is a new paradigm. This conversation comes from a shift in perspective, right. Feminine leadership does not only land within the realms of entrepreneurship. Feminine leadership lands within the realms of how we are showing up to our lives as a whole. It goes into the realms of our relationships, and really how we lead our lives. How we connect with humans on the full spectrum of our lives. And honestly, as somebody who has been an entrepreneur for going on five years and having a successful business, I can honestly say that my relationships in my whole life, the full spectrum of my life, and the way that I’m leading my life in its entirety is a direct reflection to the success, to the leadership, that I experience in my business. 

So that is a big paradigm shift, right? In masculine leadership, the masculine paradigm, there’s that push. There’s that segregation between the different dynamics of our life. In feminine leadership, we see that the whole is included in the individuals. How we show up in our romantic relationships says a lot to say how we show up in our friendships. How we show up in our friendships has a lot to say about how we show up in our client relationships. How we show up in our business is a direct reflection of how we show up to ourselves. This feminine perspective shows that we are constantly unfolding and evolving in our lives and that everything is connected.

The beauty of this wave of feminine leadership really shows that we can slow down. I think that there’s something here coming up that a lot of us can relate to and it’s FOMO. How this fear of missing out can really draw us out of our leadership. Because whether we are afraid of missing out on a community experience, afraid of missing out on an element of our business, afraid of missing out on the experience within our partnership, that fear of missing out is a lack of leadership.

I really want that to land with you.

If you are holding a fear of missing out on something then there is a lack of leadership presenting itself in your experience, in your body, and in your consciousness. Because embodied leadership, feminine leadership, honors the “Yes” and the “No.”

If you have the guidance, if you have the “yes,” if you have a desire to experience something to partake in an experience or a situation, then the leadership is to arrive in that embodiment, in that experience, in that “Yes.” The fear of missing out on that experience, and the lack of leadership, is you not honoring that yes and you self-sabotaging and not believing in yourself to fully receive what is for you. Feminine leadership is all about honoring. It’s all about listening to the calling and following through. Especially when it comes to opportunities for expansion.

In my own exploration of personal development and business development, I have had to get really nitty-gritty in this area of fear of missing out, and the ways that we self-sabotage ourselves to miss out on experiences that are pivotal for our growth in our transformation. A big piece of that I held on to in the past was investing in experiences that I desired. Because that’s such an earthly thing to go through. By tuning into my feminine leadership and being like: “Okay, this is something I’m desiring.” This training, this experience, is something I am desiring. That is present in me and to not honor that desire would be a disservice. Because it’s there. It’s alive. Your spirit, and the synchronicity of your life is showing here’s the next pathway of expansion and exponential growth of radical rising. Here it is, follow through. Then we start to get all these stories and these narratives of like: “oh, but the money, or the time, or my family.” Or you know, how is that even going to work? How is it going to happen? The moment that we start feeding into those stories, and those self-sabotaging narratives, is the moment that we act in disservice to our desires.

If there is a will, there is a way. So if that will within you is saying do this, and whether that means going on an experience that will support your expansion, or going on a date that will open your heart into new ways, or going to a gathering where you know nobody at this gathering or this circle or whatever it is, but you desire to go, you have to follow through on it. Because if you don’t follow through on it, that it is a disservice to that calling, right? 

These experiences are pivotal markers for you and your personal development and your expansion as a spirit, as a soul, as a sovereign being learning how to be of highest service to yourself and this planet. Honoring that sacred “yes” is extremely important, and within the realms of feminine leadership, that is it. 

When we honor that, “yes,” and we follow through on these yeses, then the how comes together. There you go. Okay, you honored, you’re ready. You’ve applied, you’ve submitted it. Okay, here you go, here are the resources, here’s the money, here’s everything you need to make this happen for you because it’s in your highest alignment. This element is so key along with personal development because it welcomes us into a relationship with spirit. Where we are showing how much we trust?

I invite you to take that moment right here. Ask yourself, how much do you trust in your divine plan? How much do you trust in your divine guidance? How much do you trust spirit to take care of you? Just ask yourself. How much do I trust whatever spectrum that is on? Now, I invite you to ask how am I living in testimony to how much I trust? What actions are you following through on? What desires are you following through on? What experiences are you following through on that are a testimony of how much you trust spirit? 

So maybe, depending on who you are as a person, there’s gaps here, right? We honor we’re like: “okay, I trust I trust I trust but, give this to me, then give this to me, and then I’ll follow through.” Right? There’s like this negotiation that we try to do with spirit. That doesn’t work in the realms of trust with spirit. Yeah, everything is negotiable. But if we truly trust then we come into surrender. Within feminine leadership, the space of surrender is where our life can recognize itself. The space of surrender is where our life can recognize itself with God, with the Goddess, with the holy trinity of our being. When we surrender, and we show spirit just how much we trust, our life can recognize itself and bring through whatever resources we need to honor our commitments. 

A big place that I see this happen in my work as a feminine leader is when people reach out to me and apply for something that they want to experience. Whether that’s a one to one mentorship, or a retreat, or a program that I’m offering. They follow through on that desire, and they apply. We come into the connection calls, we do it and we tune into what’s here. Then there’s a period sometimes that can happen where the self-sabotage takes place. It’s like, “can I really do this” or “blah, blah, blah,” whatever the story is, and whatever the narrative is. Within feminine leadership, we do not buy into those narratives. The pivotal point is that you hear the calling, and the only other side of that is are you going to listen? Are you willing to trust and surrender in spirit to show you the way of what can unfold when you embody the magic of honoring your sacred yes? 

Some of the biggest miracles that I’ve experienced in my life, financially, health wise, have taken place when I’m like: “O.K., I’m getting the F* out of my head,” and dropping down to my heart, down to my womb, and allowing myself to be guided and to be shown. That brings me to the next point of feminine leadership, which is essential to understand: letting go of control. 

When we are not living below our hearts, in harmony, we are stuck in control. Which takes place in the head. Control is all in the head. When we’re dropped into our hearts, we’re centered. When we’re dropped into our wombs, we are centered. This is something I teach in the temple priestess arts. Surrendering is also the act of letting go of control. It never feels good when we are forcing control upon anyone, especially ourselves and spirit, right? As feminine leaders, it means that you are embodied on a sacred feminine path. If you’re engaged with my work, you are doing the work. You are here because you honor sacred femininity. As a sacred feminine, this is somewhere we’re constantly having to check ourselves. How deeply do I trust? How deeply am I willing to let go of control? How much do I honor the need to surrender?

And this can take place in so many ways. This can take place in finances. Like I had fraud taking place while I was traveling internationally. Didn’t know how I was going to even pay for my luggage on my way home because all I had was cash and it was barely enough to get me through that time period. So when this came up, I had to surrender. I was like, you know what, this is happening, everything’s taken care of, my account is protected. I have this money to last me. Whatever I need to do to fulfill it, to make sure there’s extra safety and comfort, will come to me, and it did. That act of surrender is essential, especially when it’s something that we know is huge for our growth, right? 

Hiring mentors is a really big piece of this because as somebody who has done this work and engages in this field, my hugest expansions and transformations have taken place when I hire people. When I say “yes, okay, I’m ready for support, take me here. Okay, you have that next access point, bloop, here you go, let’s do it.” And the moment that I honor that desire, the money is all there. Money is all there. Pathway is clear because I’ve shown okay, I’m committed. Even committing like hugest expansion, wild, wild transformations for me have taken place when I have committed to a course, when I have committed to a mentor or committed to an investment in general, and all the money hasn’t been there. That has been my wildest transformation because money really works as an initiation. That commitment is signing the contract and being like “Okay, I’m committed to this for three months.” And I don’t know how it’s all going to work out, but I know this is my highest alignment. Then huge prosperity bank deposit, because I honored that calling. 

These different things can show up for all of us in different ways depending on who we are and what’s coming up in our path. Ultimately, it comes when we allow ourselves to quit self-sabotaging. I can even give another example of this. My favorite crystal, she’s a Lemurian Smoky Quartz crystal. Very powerful, very unique, very rare crystal. I took her to the springs one day when I was sitting with a sister, and she disappeared, literally disappeared. I looked all over my car. I looked at my bags and I even went back to the springs to the exact location where we were, nowhere to be found. So I surrender. I was like, Okay. Ultimately, she’s not mine. She is the Earth’s; she is the world’s. And she’s off, to new places, better things. I surrendered and I let go. Two months later, after experiencing another fresh spring water activation with the sacred land here in Austin, Texas. Boom, she’s sitting there on my seat in my car after this activation, opening up, right there. Right there sitting there waiting for me. Not a scratch, not a ding, not a chip, just sitting there. So this story was such a powerful teaching for me. What comes around goes around when we surrender, when we let go, when we really say alright, this is what’s happening, I surrender.

Maybe that means we have to shed. Maybe that means we have to step into something. That’s when the magic gets to happen. And even if this crystal didn’t show back up that lesson would still be true. At that point I was so embodied that wherever she is, she’s so much more perfect, she’s somewhere good. And then she popped back up in my reality. There’s no way I can justify that without magic because I searched.

Within feminine leadership, we allow ourselves to experience miracles. We allow ourselves to be available for magic and mysticism to take place because we trust, we surrender, and we embody the path that it takes to get to our highest alignment. Which oftentimes means saying yes, even when the mental constructs of our life and our objective reality would manipulate us to say no, because it is self-trust. 

I’m going to take a moment here to share a very special invitation. With you all around my work. If this conversation speaks to you. I’m here for you. And I invite you to step into the realms of what I have to offer in my highest alignment, my highest offerings to this planet.

There are a couple different options: I do one to one mentorship. I offer various retreats throughout the year where I teach the Temple Priestess Arts. Live programs like the Creatrix Codes course are all about feminine leadership and stepping into your creative tricks and giving yourself permission to create big magic in the world. As well as my Sovereign Sensuality course that you can check out here: https://taraneynicole.com/sovereign-sensuality-course/

So whether you are desiring to have a one to one experience, whether you’re desiring to step into a retreat dynamic and a community offering deeper realms of feminine leadership, or whether you desire to go at a self-paced course of Sovereign Sensuality to taking ownership of your sexuality and your connection to your intimacy with yourself. I have options for you. And I genuinely say this from the deepest place in my heart of wanting to be of the highest service to the world. These offerings are my highest service to the world right now. And so, if feminine leadership calls to you, if you want to embody more sovereignty and direction in your life, look into that maybe I hold the keys for you. 

If you’re interested, just reach out here on Instagram and I’ll direct you in the right place. 

This was a very beautiful conversation on feminine leadership and how to really allow yourself to gain access to new realms of feminine leadership. The biggest element of feminine leadership is allowing ourselves to just do what feels natural. Forgetting the how, the what, and only focusing on the why. Why do I want to do this? Why do I hear this calling? Okay, I have the why, alright. Now, what do I have to do to follow through on that? And allowing yourself to follow through on that as the highest service of your development and the keys that you hold for this world. Because if you have read to this point, you hold big keys for this world. You have a calling. You are here to do big work for the world. I see you. So how are you going to honor your callings so that you can be in the highest service of humanity? I’m telling you the biggest piece of that is just believing in yourself to actually do it. The rest will come together like Grace and Ease. Sending love. DM me, send me a private message, if you’re interested in these offerings.
Check out the original live transmission for this story here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CQjVIBbHS61/



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