This week you’ve probably begun to notice odd communication errors like emails being lost, constant typos, or miscommunication between all the people in your life. Well, we can credit this to the dawn of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury retrograde is now one of the most popular astrological events. People all over the world are becoming aware of its profound ability to screw us up anywhere from our relationships to our work! In this blog, I am going to share with you how you can make the most out of mercury retrograde and turn it into something incredibly positive!

What is Mercury Retrograde?

If you’ve been hearing Mercury Retrograde floating around, you’re probably wondering how this even happens and why it impacts us so much. All planets in our solar system, except our own, go into a period of retrograde. This phenomenon is when a planet appears to be moving backward in our sky. This is actually an odd optical illusion, and the planets are actually not rotating backward. Retrogrades occur when Mercury passes Earth. Have you ever been on in a car and another car passes you? For a moment it seems the faster moving car is going backward until it finally overtakes the slower one. This is the same effect that occurs in our sky when Mercury passes the Earth. When this happens, our mental, physical, and spiritual properties of the planet become intensified for all beings on Earth. This experience happens three times a year and always lasts for three weeks, and the next Mercury Retrograde is from July 7, 2019 – July 31, 2019! 

How Mercury Retrograde Impacts our lives 

Every planet has an energetic effect on our consciousness. This is due to its energetic pull and astrological properties of the planet. Mercury is the ruler of communication, including all of our tools like technology! Mercury affects the part of our consciousness that absorbs information and outputs information into the world around us. When the planet begins to retrograde it basically throws off our entire processing system making it very hard to communicate with others, as well as our technology.

Common Themes During Mercury Retrograde

  • Miscommunication
  • Arguments
  • Technology Errors
  • Car Problems
  • Confusion
  • Obsessive Thoughts
  • A Sence of Not Being Heard
  • Poor Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Because our society is completely driven off of technology and we are social creatures this hiccup in the sky creates some serious fear for us. Although in the moment these effects seem terrible, they are actually working for you! The communication errors that happen during Mercury Retrograde are here to let us know where we need to do more work on what we are putting out into the world.

It is a time to relax, get all your ducks in a row, and be intentional. The more clear you are, the easier this retrograde is on you. Personally, I always prepare for Mercury Retrograde about a week and a half before it arrives. Making sure get your car tuned up, computer organized, events planned, tickets bought, relationships in check, and your emotional world into alignment helps to make the three weeks of Mercury Retrograde a lot easier!

If this retrograde is giving you some complications, it alright! This is a sign to slow down and give yourself some space. Being around too many people and overworking will seriously throw you off during mercury retrograde. It is the best time of the year to slow down and go inward.

If you find yourself in an argument or pulling your hair out over a lost file, please take a step back and breathe. Some things that help relieve the symptoms of retrograde are: going into nature, meditating, journaling, connecting to the throat chakra, grounding exercises, taking naps, and practicing self-care. The more you nourish yourself and keep your own cup full, the better off you are during this time. You can’t expect things to work well if your mind, body, and spirit aren’t in alignment.

All You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde July 2019

While this planet is in Retrograde it is going to be in the sign of Leo. Mercury will continue to move backward through Leo until July 19th, when it enters the sign of Cancer, continuing its retrograde until July 31st. Having Mercury in Leo during this retrograde is going to help us find out how we can best express our authentic self. Both of these energies actually work very well together and offers us fertile grounds to do some serious self-work. Leo inspires us to speak our truth and put ourselves out there, while mercury gives us the energy to communicate authentically. During the retrograde, this energy will push us to go inward and have us question how we want to be perceived by the world. It is going to put us in check and force us to see where our actions aren’t lining up with our intentions.

You can expect yourself to face issues regarding your confidence, self-image, and self-expression. Hold space to ponder and think about how you’re showing up for yourself will give you the extra good vibes you need to make this Mercury Retrograde a positive thing. If your communication habits and actions are lining up with your authentic self you are going to face issues. Ignoring and feeding into these blockages are going to make this month really hard on you. It is time to show up and do the self-work that the universe is asking from you. Accept the challenge and find confidence along the way.

Gossiping and speaking from a space of lack is going to manifest some bad juju for you. I challenge you to only speak from a space of love during mercury retrograde! If it doesn’t resonate with your heart, don’t say it.

When Mercury Retrograde transitions into the sign of Cancer, this is going to soften us up quite a bit. Instead of experiencing the expressive side of our communication, Cancer is going turn us inward to find out where all of the blockages that have been coming up exist inside of us. Be careful when communicating your feelings to your family and loved ones during this time (July 19-31) because they may not be able to understand you. I recommend journaling before bringing up anything to anyone else to make sure you know exactly what you are feeling and how to best express it. Meditation will also offer great clarity. if you do need someone to talk to, intuitively choose the right person, and make sure to stay open to their advice and stay away from judgment. Communication with our loved ones can get very deep and meaningful when Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer, but these conversations need some extra TLC.

Mercury goes direct on the New Moon in Leo on the 31st, and this is 100% a divine blessing to all of us, humans! By that point, if you did the inner work, this new moon is going to work in your favor. The New Moon is a lovely time to set intentions and manifest. In order to manifest the best, we need to have clear communication with ourselves and the universe. SO DO THE WORK! Stay calm and find out where you need to show up more authentically. The more energy and attention you feed into the stars, the more they show that they are working for you!

Welcome to Mercury Retrograde. Let’s make this a positive time of change and self-discovery!

Love and Light,

Taraney Vigil

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