Post-pregnancy is a time where you fully realize that you’re not the same person you once were. There are physical changes that will take some adjustment but these are a completely natural part of the birthing process.


It’s a new you and a new sacred body to LOVE. Your body created and nurtured a sweet baby for 10 months and gave birth to an amazing little human being. It was a monumental moment and took a lot of effort. All the changes to your body show the beautiful gift of that. 


Your body may never look exactly the same as pre-pregnancy but it’s more about feeling strong and empowered in your post-baby body rather than trying to get rid of any perceivable “flaws”.


Changes to embrace:

  • A different shoe size – may be time for cute new shoes!

  • Uterine contractions – helps your body heal as your uterus shrinks to pre-pregnancy size + prevents postpartum hemorrhage by compressing the blood vessels

  • Holding onto weight for several months to a year post baby. If getting back in shape is something you want, it takes time — even if you workout. Know that it’s not at all necessary to conform to unrealistic beauty standards to be healthy

  • Incontinence + changes in bowel movements are normal a few months after birth – you will want to use pads for protection and doing pelvic floor exercises will help strengthen the muscles

  • Reduced mobility – you will be rightfully tired, have aches and less flexibility. It will take time to get your full range of mobility back

  • Flunctuating breast size and sagging are inevitable and allows a newfound appreciation for your lovely breasts

  • Stretch marks – these unfortunately have not been normalized in society + vastly contributes to feeling insecure but they tell a beautiful story that is yours

  • Changes in hair growth like shedding several months after birth – this is temporary + reversible

  • Melasma and other skin changes – the hyperpigmentation is in essence a “birth mark” of your baby, reminding you of bringing life into the world 


You many not jump up and down for any of these changes and it’s okay that there are some days when you don’t feel great about your body. It’s a practice, and giving yourself compassion, the blessing of humor and self love during these postpartum changes will go a long way mama!


I suggest celebrating your body every day! Read my blog 9 Ways to Celebrate Your Postpartum Body to learn ways to honor and celebrate your body during phase two of the sacred birth experience.


I would be honored to hold you and your sweet babe through this journey. Learn more about my sacred birth work here:

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