Hello Beauties, today I wanted to share about an experience I had where I was psychically attacked, how I navigated the situation, and I’m going to give you some key tips on what you can do when you face these types of situations where your energy is not feeling right.

So psychic attack is something that will happen. If you are somebody who is showing up for the light. If you are showing up in a spiritual light, if you are showing up embodied in your personal power, this is something that can happen. The more that we know how to protect ourselves, how to resource the energy around us and the people around us to cultivate a greater vibrational field that can protect and prevent psychic attacks, the better off we’ll be in our life mission.

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Although these situations are really tricky and hard, they happen for us in a way that teaches us how to anchor our sovereignty, and how to really ground our personal power. So yes, they can be scary. Yes, they can be extreme. But this is actually an opportunity for us to resource our divine sacred union with God with spirit and how to cultivate an energy field of holiness.

The Experience:
I want to begin by talking about what happened. August 2021 I was psychically attacked as soon as I got into California to lead the Temple Priestess Retreat. It was really subtle and really intense. And it was such a powerful experience that to not share it with you guys felt like a disservice. I know that many of you are lightworkers, and this information can really help you and your experience as you go out and you do your big magic in the world.

Before we begin that, I just want to take a moment and conceal our sacred space here that we’re engaging with together through this beautiful internet portal, we asked the Divine Mother Sophia consciousness to conceal this sacred container with her concentric circles of light, to profoundly protect us in this conversation, and to channel through me to deliver the highest, most intact message possible to support these people who are tuning into this message and their prevention of experiencing psychic attacks. May we be protected and we’d be guided. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Okay, we are ready.

So as soon as I landed in California, of course, the fires were really intense. I flew into Sacramento, there was smoke, the air felt dense, and immediately this flared up my nervous system. Something that is important that I learned through this experience is that the moment our nervous system gets agitated, or out of balance, we are susceptible to energy f*ckin with our vibe, okay? And this is something that just happens. Our nervous system is foundationally connected to our etheric field, it is a foundational aspect of our biomagnetic field, and when that is out of balance our biomagnetic field responds to that. So the moment that I felt all that smoke, all the density, my nervous system flared up.

We landed, got our car, and went on our way. We were going to go camp on the opposite side of Shasta because there was a nice river and it was going to be really sweet. While we’re on our way there it’s a beautiful drive. Things are good. I’ve been traveling since five o’clock in the morning, not feeling the best, but like things are okay. Things are moving along. We’re driving and we’re like we should probably get gas before we go drive up this mountain. So we’re like, okay, where’s the nearest gas station? Turns out the nearest gas station is literally 30 minutes in the opposite direction. And we’re like, thank Goddess that we got this divine intuition to go to this gas station. And we hit it. We’re going to the gas station and we like it because it’s called Comet. We’re like that sounds kind of cool, let’s go there and then we’re gonna go up the mountain and camp on Shasta. So on our way, things get denser and denser.

We’re feeling a little bit more lethargic. The smoke is getting heavier. We’re like, oh my god, this is kind of getting intense. And we get into this town and the town is called Burnie. It’s in Northern California. As soon as we get to this little gas station me and my best friend Alicia are like what the heck, this feels weird. My friend Brooke has to go in and go pee so she goes into the bathroom. And I’m like, Okay, I’m gonna hurry up and go get gas. So I step out to of the car and I start pumping the gas. I’m like, praying the whole time and I run back in the car. I look at Alicia and I’m like, “something’s not right here.” And she looked at me and she said, I don’t like it. We got to get the f*ck out of here. We’re both just like, casting energy to Brooke like, “oh my god, girl, like come on, get out” like she’s taking forever in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, there are multiple women wandering around this place in this town right around this gas station, looking lost, looking beside themselves, definitely looking like they are on some kind of drug in some kind of dense trap energy. Mind you, I’m extremely psychically sensitive. I’m a huge empath. Because of this, I could feel the density of what was around me. There’s one woman who’s carrying tons of bags like walking through this field with smoke all around her. Very dark energy, dark eyes, looking lost wandering. Another woman is literally drat like holding her cell phone with her headphones connected to it and the headphones are dragging on the ground. It literally took her 15 minutes to walk outside of the gas station. 100 feet! Then there’s another woman who drives up and she’s like getting a bunch of cheap beer and stuff. It’s just weird. It was freakin’ weird! These women look like they’re under some kind of dark spell. I’m just witnessing this and I’m like, something ain’t right here. Alicia and I are still waiting for Brooke. It took Brooke forever to get out of the gas station because there was another woman in the bathroom who was seeming like she was using drugs. Okay. So it takes her forever. Alicia and I are sitting there praying. I turn on my favorite soundtrack that I like to turn on when I need some peace. It’s a light language activation. I turn it on, and we’re chanting, singing, praying and like trying to keep the vibe high. And then finally, Brooke comes out. And she get’s in the car and is like “Let’s go. Let’s go.”

We put in the GPS to the space where we are going to camp and it wants us to go the opposite direction that we came. We’re like, okay, maybe it’s a better shortcut because we did go 30 miles in the opposite direction. So we get going that way. We’re driving and it’s getting smokier and smokier and we realize that the GPS is trying to take us into the fires. Then we’re like “Okay, this isn’t right, 89 is close. We need to go there’s a fire right there.” So we turn around, and then the GPS reroutes us and we start going back towards the fires. So we basically ended up having to go through this town three times, trying to get out of it. It felt so intense. It felt like this land was trying to lock us in as long as it could to take our energy basically.

Finally we got out of there. Alicia and I, as soon as we get out of the town, we’re like “Brooke, we are not going to this camping spot. It’s not the one.” Obviously, it’s not the one so what are we going to do? We decide to just drive to Mount Shasta and find a camping spot in Shasta. If anything I will buy us hotel. I don’t even care, but we’re not going to this place. It doesn’t feel right. My intuitions a hard “No.” And when you get these intuitive hits you have to listen. It’s really good we decided not to go because the fire ended up overnight going really close to that place. I think it was the Antelope fire.

We drive to Mount Shasta, we’re on our way at this point. By the time we arrived in Mount Shasta, we have all been traveling since five o’clock in the morning, which is a full 18 hours. Our energy fields were low from the travel day, lack of sleep, lack of food, as well as the smoke and this really dense experience we had in this really frickin’ weird town. So we’re in Shasta, struggling to find a camping spot. We finally find one at like 11 pm. We get in, go to sleep, and wake up in the morning. I instantly wake up and I’m like something is just not right. Usually, when I’m sleeping, my energy will balance making me kind of recalibrate. But I woke up and I still felt exhausted. Which is a sign for me that something’s depleting my energy. So wake up and I decided I’m going to do my morning practice, which is a tea ceremony. I’m like digging through all the camping gear, setting it up getting my tea going and I sit and I have my team, my girls, come out of the car and we all enjoy some tea together. We just do our morning practice, pull some cards, and then we go about our day.

After I drink tea and tried to do my own clearing, I noticed that part of my energy field was being blocked off. I felt like I was 10 feet above my body. I couldn’t ground down and I am somebody who I consider myself as a master energy healer. I’ve been doing energy healing for 10 years, specifically working with my own body and then guiding others to work with their own body. So I can tell when something’s out of alignment. I felt it right away, y’all. I also channel light language (that’s a very powerful tool that I use to do energy healing and clearing and anchoring) and I noticed my channel was cut off from the light language. I would cast out to my guides, and there was a blockage. Then when it did start to come through I noticed infiltration. I was like f*ck no, what the hell’s going on?

In this experience, I called upon help. This is a key thing to do when you are psychically attacked because a lot of times your own energy is being siphoned. It’s going to be hard for you to do this all on your own. So I call upon help to a dear sister Madison, who is a profound, psychic healer. She works in the quantum field. She is so so so powerful. I feel so blessed that she gravitated into my life because she has monumentally helped me in the past couple of months. And this experience really, for me was a testimony of her power. I have great respect for her. And if you’re interested in her work, please reach out to me. So I call upon Madison and she is like, “Yeah, something’s not right. I’m getting the message to stay out of the field today. So let’s connect tomorrow.”

From there we went into town we went to a crystal shop, got lunch with my friend Stephen, and felt a lot better but still not all the way there. At that point, I was pretty much just like managing my energy field and doing my best to anchor it down but didn’t have the capacity to fully magnify and rid off whatever was attached to me. From this experience, I want to share that we then went to the headwaters in Shasta where the spring from the Shasta water comes straight out. I want to let you guys all know here because I’m feeling some fear. This is not a message of fear. This is a message of divine protection and guidance. And this field is completely protected and cleared from any infiltration happening. This transmission coming through me to you is for your sovereignty, your healing, and your protection. So there are no worries here. We are free we are clear. I wanted to send that as I could feel your guys’ emotions on the story. Okay. So, Shasta water really helped. I drank a lot of Shasta water, then we went to a lake and I swam in a lake.

The very important message of this is that when you feel attachments, when you feel entities or whatever in your field, have something cold. Drinking cold water, going swimming in cold water, running cold water on your physical body, because darkness does not like it. It likes heat, it likes sweetness, it likes things that are very palpable, very seductive. Coldness is sharp. It’s jagged so it will cut it off. I pushed myself to swim across the lake and really activate my lungs, activate my body in the cold water, and really supported my nervous system and shifting frequencies. Jumping into the water, and like really supporting my nervous system and ridding off the density from the day before. So the whole day happens, we go find our camping spot, and things are feeling a lot better. I’m able to go to sleep.

I wake up in the morning, and I head straight to the retreat center. That was at 7 am. I’m able to kind of set my space and then take a shower. I’m able to have my call with Madison afterwards and as soon as she got on the phone with me she felt it. She was like “whoa, you don’t even sound like yourself. You don’t feel like yourself. And I know that you need to tell me about what happened; how you got into California, I can tell you caught it as soon as you got in California.” And we start working.

This energy that was attached to me was very tricky. It was hiding. The moment that we would find it and clear it, it would jump to another part of my quantum field and try to leech on to there. And we had to sit for over an hour clearing this energy. It was very intense, very deeply connected into my spine into my ears, my nasal cavities. I couldn’t hear, my ears felt like they had cotton balls shoved into them. I literally had to like, dig into my ears and pull out the energy, the stuck energy many, many times just to hear. She was having a hard time grounding me and she’s a very skilled energy healer. My Earth cord, connected to the Earth, almost was severed. As I was saying earlier, I felt like I was hovering 10 feet above my body. So she worked her magic, I can’t remember exactly what she called this type of negative energy, it was something like Merlok energy or something like that. I don’t even remember what it was. She knew what it was, and she was skilled enough to clear it, and to get rid of it. She made the magic happen.

So from that experience, after she cleared the energy, she said, “you’re going to begin to feel more and more like yourself in the hours to come.” And we said a prayer to the land. I called upon the grandfather spirit of the land, the animal medicine of the bear to hold me and protect me, as well as the elementals the fairies to support and attuning my vibration before the retreat starts.

So that the moment she and I got off the call I could go into the bath to bask in flowers and receive medicine from the elemental spirits of the land to finish constructing the healing and anchor me back into my body. Then I was able to go in and have ample time to get ready for the retreat. I sang, I danced, I gridded the space and I felt like myself again. And it was so beautiful and intricate in the way that this whole experience happened so that by the time the women showed up to the retreat, I was me. I was more anchored in my sovereignty, in my truth, and my soul-led mission than before, because I had gone through this experience. And that is so beautiful.

That’s why I say that these types of experiences do happen for us in really mysterious ways. When I asked her, I was like asking my guides through her, “why did this happen?” You know, like, I was doing the most to try to protect my energy that day and keep my channel clear. And she said You know what? What did she say? She was like there’s nothing like an interesting start to a profound experience. I just took that and I ran with it and I felt so embodied the whole time.

In conclusion:
The experience I wanted to share with you, to further push the message, is that when you feel like you are psychically attacked, you feel oppressed, you feel like you have attachments on you in whatever way shape or form you’re struggling with something on an energetic level, call upon support. That is the key message here.

What to do when you’re psychically attacked? Call upon support to somebody that holds the utmost integrity in their ability to clear energy. Somebody that is sophisticated in this path. Somebody who knows what they’re doing. And the reason why this is so key is that I could have tried to keep doing it on my own. I had two sisters with me that were skilled energy healers and I knew that they couldn’t really do because they were struggling with their own stuff. I was the main person that leeched on to because I had a very powerful and brave mission that I was going into, and leading so it could infiltrate in that experience. Going to Madison was key.

My channel immediately told me when I asked, “okay, what do I need? To ask for help.” This goes for any time that we are in a very hard situation. Maybe it’s not necessarily a psychic attack, but you’re feeling beside yourself, you’re feeling lost, you’re not feeling empowered, call upon support. We are in this together and I feel honored and blessed to be cultivating a legion of Temple Priestesses who are skilled in their ability to clear energy in this way. I am honored that I am skilled to clear energy in this way for myself, but even more importantly for the people around me. Healers need healers. We all need each other in these experiences, because it happens. You could be the holiest of holy, highest of high person, and this stuff is still going to be happening because you’re here to anchor heaven on earth. The forces that are trying to dismantle heaven on earth, what are they going to do? They’re going to try to infiltrate those of us who are anchoring heaven on earth.

Call upon support, and do your best to regulate your nervous system. Because the way that this energy was able to come into me was fear. So the best thing that we can do to protect ourselves against a psychic attack against density is to regulate our nervous system. Drink water, get ample amount of sleep, take time to rest. Nourish yourself, nourish your energy field, and nourish your nervous system. And the moment you feel one of those out of alignment, do something to soothe it.

This felt really good to share. And you know, the very cool thing is that this experience helped me show up even as a bolder, more magnetic leader at this retreat. We had some serious energy we were clearing from past lifetimes. We had entity removals that I did and I supported sisters through. This was a very intense retreat, and I needed to have my energy channel squeaky clean. This opportunity supported me to get it squeaky clean. So it was just so dope to see the way that it all came together and how it actually supported me and my leadership.

Okay, I love you guys. It was an honor to share this with you. I am truly truly truly grateful to be a lightworker on Earth with all of you and to be anchoring heaven on earth with all of you. Thank you so much for reading through this blog. If this blog posted moved you, if it activated you, I asked you to share it with somebody who could really value this information. Whether that’s your community, a loved one, a family member, please share it. We all need to know what can happen. How easy infiltration can happen and how to protect ourselves. Not only that but also how to clear it when it does happen.

So the best thing we can do, I’m going to rephrase it again. regulate your nervous system. The second thing to do is call upon help. If you do those two things, you are crystal clear, baby. I love you guys. I bow down to you. And I’ll see you on the other side.

Check out the original live transmission for this story here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CTNXXj8nlkS/



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