Feminine Energy is the foundation vibration of life on earth. When we feel embodied in our feminine energy, we feel free, spacious, and at ease in our own bodies. There are many layers that we have absorbed from the society around us. This has caused our inauthentic selves to show through, hiding our sacred feminine energy. 

We need to peel back those layers and surrender fully into the feminine. 

Imagine if life felt a lot easier…

People are magnetized by you and offer to help you out. 

Your sensuality is undeniable and you’re enjoying all the pleasures of life.

Synchronicities are happening and you feel a deep connection to your intuition. 

You embrace yourself fully, love who you are and don’t hold back.

Don’t you feel like you were meant for more?

In this blog series, you’re going to learn how to Rewild the Soul, Rewild Your Life, and Rewild Your Feminine Spirit.

What does rewilding yourself mean?

Rewilding is a journey of coming back to your true authentic self. Rewilding the feminine is a process of letting go of all the narratives and patterns that keep you stuck in people pleasing, self-abandonment, and lack of aliveness.

This is a process that begins inside and connects us into the oneness of all of life, the mystery, the wisdom, the beauty. Rewilding also incorporates the values of our ancestors into our everyday lives and allows us to take bold leaps of creativity, compassion and courage.

Ways you could be blocked from your feminine spirit:

  • Perfectionism
  • Not being connected to your body, your senses
  • The anger you have stored in your body against men
  • Thoughts that the feminine is “weak” or passive
  • Not trusting your masculine energy (being feminine doesn’t mean your masculine goes out the window)

The truth is…

The feminine is inherently wild. She can be soft but she can also roar! 

Why do you think our feminine energy is so feared? Because it’s so powerful, and stifling it keeps things the same.

This is sacred medicine for our time. And it is so needed. 

In my next post in this series, we’re going to go deeper. Stay tuned!

For now, I invite you to tune into my free practice, Embodiment Codes. In this course, you will discover what parts of your feminine energy are ready to be rewilded, and do the mind, body, and spirit work to liberate Her. 

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