Hello Sacred Sister, in my previous post, I explained what human rewilding is, why rewilding for women is important, and I shared with you some of my favorite ways I implement feminine rewilding into my day-to-day life. 

Finding what works for you when it comes to rewilding yourself will take some time. I know that the ways I like to rewild in my daily life may or may not be what you would choose, so I’m going to give you beauties more inspiration and practices you can experiment with to rewild the feminine within you. I hope these practices awaken the inner wild woman in you.

This will be my final post from the Rewilding Your Feminine Spirit blog series. If you want to read from the beginning, click here.

9 Ways to Start Rewilding the Feminine Today:

1. Go on a sacred picnic

Grab a blanket, pack some picnic essentials, and go to a beautiful scenic area where you can listen for your inner voice. Move slowly and be present…take in the beauty of nature around you. 

2. Lead from your primal senses: desire, impulse and intuition

Your instinctual nature deserves to be liberated. What do you desire? What is your soul saying? Are you acting from your mind, societal pressures, or your own heart?

3. Go for a sensory walk

Bring your senses to life to truly connect with nature. Feel a sense of calm, freedom and expansiveness as the trail leads you to new sights. You can even gather flowers or plants to make a delicious tea or display them in your home.

4. Connect to the cycles of nature

Regain your connection to nature and its rhythms. Bathe in some morning light or moonlight. Learn from the animals and the trees. Our ancestors’ entire lives were guided by the greater cycles and flows of our Earth body. We can celebate our womb as it bleeds every month, within every moon cycle, connecting us more to the natural rhythm of our unique bodies. This is our internal compass.

5. Reclaim your body

Your body is your savior. Remember your way home to the temple that is your birthright. Love and honor your radiant body, especially the body parts you find hard to love or you don’t pay much attention to. Explore the terrain of your body through your hands, through breath, through devoted presence and awareness. When we start working with and reclaiming the body, any trauma that is stored or trapped in our bodies can rise to the surface. This is powerful as this trauma needs to be released so we can feel free.

6. Look up at the stars

Let the stars’ lights fill you with their cosmic presence. Know that you are not alone in this infinite universe. You can look to the stars for inner peace, strength, and purpose when navigating uncertainty. Spending time under the night sky allows us to return to the sacredness of the ritual, just like our ancestors.

7. Learn about wildlife and native plants

Rekindle your connection with nature and open up to plant consciousness. Learn about  the magic of plants and gain a new perspective on the environment around you. What were your own childhood experiences with nature? Tune in to the plant realm through readings, resources and direct experience. Steep yourself in the ancient wisdom of herbal and plant spirit medicine. 

8. Gather with other women to share your joy, wisdom and pain

The divine feminine is relational. Voice your hunches with one another, talk about your spirituality, and defend each other. Sometimes the vulnerability you think could destroy you can actually become the source of your power. Speak your truth.

9. Open up to sacred sexuality

Sexual energy is your life force, your creativity. Awaken the Divine Feminine by exploring your own sexuality — without the shame, suppression, embarrassment and taboo. The Sensual Goddess knows her pleasure is sacred.


Our inner wild woman has always been there. It is time to find our way back to our own wild belonging…the place that our soul has not forgotten.

It’s not just about what you do…embodying your inner wild woman is deeply about the way that you FEEL. She is found in your deepest desires and she is not afraid to stand up for what makes her feel alive! 

This takes courage and strength but you will see that this will be such an immense blessing in your life. 

I am sending all my love to you sisters as you begin this magical journey of reclaiming + rewilding the yumminess of your feminine spirit. I would love to hear about your experiences! Please feel free to send me a DM on Instagram sharing any parts of your rewilding journey you feel called to share.

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