As a womb priestess and somebody that has helped hundreds of women along their journey of healing their womb space, the way that I look at Womb work is actually the physical and emotional practice of tending to the womb space.

What is the womb?

Let’s first get you familiar with what’s all going on in this beautiful, sacred, sensual, powerful part of your body. So a lot of women when they speak to their womb, they think it’s high up, right below the navel. But in reality, the womb space actually exists right below the pubic bone. So the pubic bone is actually a shield that protects the female anatomy of the ovaries and the fallopian tubes of the uterus. And then the vaginal canal is actually protected by the pelvic floor. And then we have our external anatomy. 

So right here you can see a diagram of the womb space. 

The womb space is, of course, not just the uterus. A lot of women think of their womb and they’re like “It’s the uterus!” but the womb is the whole thing. The womb is the ovaries, the womb is the fallopian tubes, the womb is the uterus, the cervix, the vaginal canal that spirals upward, the outer labia, the clitoris, the lips, the g spot, she’s everything. So when you’re doing womb work, you’re not just healing the uterus. In fact, you are healing it all.

Questions to consider

Take a moment to acknowledge your current relationship right now with your womb space.

  • Why is your womb calling you into this really, really VAST healing work?
  • Where are you trauma bonded with your womb space?
  • Where is your only connection with your womb? 
  • How is this serving you?/How is it not serving you?

For most women, the only connection that they have to their womb space is menstruation, pregnancy, birth and sex. And while these can be really powerful, beautiful times of our lives that initiate us into the womb space, it’s also important to acknowledge that these can be really traumatic experiences as well. If you’re only relating to your womb through the experience of menstruation and sex, there’s something there — there’s greater healing needed.

Reasons to do womb work

1. The womb holds on to trauma

The way that I’ve seen the womb is that she’s actually a record keeper — all of our life experiences, everything that we do, everything we’ve ever done — that memory is held in the womb space. The vaginal tissue is neural fascial tissue. The tissue of the cervix is neuro fascial tissue, which means that the vaginal canal, the cervix, the whole Yoni temple is connected to the brain through the neurological fascial tissue woven through the body. So every intense mental experience that you’ve ever had is actually stored in the womb space. Every intense sexual experience you’ve had is directly connected to your psychology and your neurology. if your subconscious mind is still really impacted by all this trauma that’s held in your womb, what can happen is your conscious mind is going to have some tainting to it from that subconscious memory. 

2. Avoid medical catastrophes such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, pregnancy loss, etc

We have so many women on the planet right now who are suffering from different things and the ovaries need to be tended to. The ovaries have such a potent frequency. I like to call them the pearlescent, sparkly, very supercharged energy balls of the womb space. And so when we’re working with the womb space, it’s really important to know that there’s a magnetic charge that’s happening in the ovaries. And if we’re holding on to a bunch of trauma and old stories, then that creative energy of the womb space that’s harnessed in the ovaries is going to be damaged, it’s going to be overworked, and things are going to start happening physically because everything starts on a vibrational level. When that vibration is not tended to physically, there’s going to be things that happen that aren’t going to feel too great. Also we want to acknowledge that the ovaries hold not just our future children but also they hold the eggs of our grandchildren or granddaughters. So within our ovaries, we have the daughters, and then we also have the granddaughters, which is such a special thing. 

3. Passing on healing codes

Womb work is ancestral work to the deepest core. We want to not only pass on the memories of our life experience and all that we’ve gone through, but also pass on how we healed our trauma. These are the healing codes. Remember the womb is a record keeper — she holds all the records. When we’re doing the womb healing work, the ovaries and the eggs within them actually encode the memory of the trauma and the trauma healing. And this is what we want to pass down generationally. If we pass on records that just tell stories of our trauma, our future children or grandchildren way down the line won’t have the memories on how to actually heal from the trauma, which is so important. 

How to harness the magnetism of the womb space

  • Feeling safe in your body so that the inherent wisdom of your body can unfurl and lead the way
  • Healing your relationship to your body image
  • Working with the female anatomy hands on, getting connected to her & establishing a relationship of safety

The womb space harnesses a great capacity of creative energy. It actually gifted us the codes, the ability, the chemistry to create life, right. So in the uterus, the uterus holds that zero point frequency of the Divine. In her most pure nature, when she’s free from all the stories, from all the trauma and all those memories, she actually has a unified field of nothingness. She is vast, spacious and able to weave through it all while being in that zero point frequency. And that is what we want. So when you’re doing womb healing work, you’re wanting to be present in that luscious zero point frequency.

Why is womb healing so important?

The more safe you feel in your body, and the more connected and harnessed in your creative energy, the more centrally connected you are going to be in this world. It’s absolutely essential that a woman feel safe in her body so she can express that she can create powerful things in this world.

Womb healing brings us back to our center, it brings us back to our power, and it reminds us of our purpose. When we’re no longer bound to the old stories, when we’re no longer bound to our trauma, or even our grandparents trauma, and all the karma that we’ve received, we come back to our truth and this embodiment of our truth. We are then activated to be the humans that we came here to be, not the humans that our trauma told us to be. This is why Womb work is trauma work. It’s the deepest trauma healing that we can do as women and it will change every single area of your life. 

We have great opportunities to be really good humans on this planet and to live life where we are turned on by being alive, liberated by the yumminess of life.

Ready to open the power of your womb?

Check out this video where I’m going to guide you through a practice that will support you in genuinely beginning to open that power, genuinely starting to do that trauma healing work.

Want to go even deeper?

Checking out my course Sovereign Sensuality, which will teach you how to do the internal pelvic floor de-armoring, how to work with Yoni eggs, how to do Yoni steams, how to have self pleasure ceremonies — all of the luscious, juicy things that we get to do as women when we’re doing our womb work.

It’s been an honor to bring this to you. And I humbly bow to all that you are and all the places that you’ve been on the healing work that you’re doing in this season of your life. Big love to you in your womb! There are hundreds and thousands, even millions of women on this planet doing some hard work right now. And I want to thank you for being part of that community. Because we are all in this together. 

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