Who is the Sacred Feminine?

Sacred Feminine Awakening

The Sacred Feminine is a life force energy that lives within all women, and there comes a time in life when the inner Sacred Feminine is ready to be met and awakened fully. The Sacred Feminine knows who she is, and allows herself to be a vessel for the divine… Sacred femininity is about being in deep relationship with life, so that you may become a bridge for heaven on earth. When the Sacred Feminine path begins to call to you, know that you are embarking on one of the most ancient and powerful initiations of life.

So, who is the sacred feminine? And how can you come to know her more intimately? This article is for women who are curious about their Sacred feminine energy and how they can activate it in their lives. Thank you for being here darling.

What is a Sacred Feminine Awakening?

Sacred feminine embodiment is a way of life that integrates the feminine principle that women are the bridges and birthing ones. The feminine body is a sacred vessel, divinely designed to empty, so that she may be filled up with divine wisdom. Her nature is to nurture, and it is in this way that she has a harmonious connection to life. The elements and her senses are two areas that she cultivates with deep devotion because through them, her feminine energy awakens.

How intimate is your relationship with life?

Can you slow down and taste the bitter sweetness of life?

What does it feel like to touch your beloved? Can you soften into that sensation? 

Are you connected to your vision, so that you may see life clearly?

How does the sacredness of the Rose meet your mind when you truly breathe her in?

Listen. The Sacred Feminine quiets her mind, so that she may truly hear the calling of life and where her medicine is needed in the world.

Cultivating an intimate relationship with life requires your devotion and presence with it. Perhaps this is one of the most challenging, yet enriching parts of living as a sacred woman. You must slow down. You must be with it all. You must allow yourself to experience life. 

The Sacred Feminine has a sensual connection with life because that is how she truly learns to let life love her. As she gazes into the flower and breathes in it, something profound is happening… in that moment she is embracing her divine relationship with life. Not only is living with the sacred feminine deeply pleasurable, but it is genuinely healing. 

Before the Sacred Feminine can be fully activated in your life, you must cleanse her. Feminine healing is the doorway to Sacred Femininity.

As a woman, there are numerous areas in your life where healing is needed. This is simply just the way it is. We have been under immense pressure and suppression for over two thousand years. The pain and suffering of your ancestors lives within your feminine body. This is not a curse, but rather a great blessing. You were chosen to process this pain and trauma for your lineage; what a privilege sacred sister. When you begin to embrace your sacred feminine essence… often times you have to sift through the soils of your soul.

This can look like doing deep somatic work to unravel the stories and programs passed down from past generations. Or perhaps working with ancient medicines, plants, and tools to help your purge and release the trauma you have experienced in this lifetime. This great cleansing moves in and through your body, so that your vessel can feel open enough for the sacred feminine to awaken. There are many ways to practice feminine healing, and as a Womb Priestess, I have seen the greatest transformations in my clients when they begin to work with their wombs as a portal for feminine healing. 

Womb Healing for sacred womanhood

Womb Healing is a process of going inward with your feminine energy, and discovering all that has blocked and hurt her.

When you meet this pain, you begin to work with the Womb Space to cleanse and purify your feminine energy.

Womb wisdom then is able to emerge, and the Sacred Feminine awakens ~

Sacred Feminine awakening is an ancient process, a true rite of passage. To taste the nectar that comes from the emergence of your divine feminine energy, you must be willing to deepen. Because underneath all the pain, the trauma, suffering, patterns, and blockages that create walls between you and your sacred feminine vessel… underneath it all is the Sacred Feminine life-force.

She who feels it all, and knows her divinity.

She who remembers the ancient ways, as above, so below.

She who walks the path, so that she may pave the way for many. 

A Sacred Feminine life is empowered by the elemental nature of life. When she softens deep enough to be with life, she can feel the divine design of it all. Therefore she can handle all that comes her way, and she believes in her capability to rise up to that which is calling to her feminine soul. The healing that takes place for the sacred feminine to awaken is profound. I would even call it a resurrection. All the power of your past lives, all the medicine of your ancestors, all the wisdom… it now has a vessel to embody. You are that vessel. This is the core of a Sacred Feminine Awakening.

Sacred Feminine Awakening

Sacred Femininity is about awakening to the divine beauty of your uniqueness, and how it so perfectly expresses itself. The truth is love, the Sacred Feminine is already with in you… you are simply re-learning how to allow her to be expressed through you.

You womb is the center-point of the Divine. 

This is the source of your sacredness, and that can never be taken away from you. The more you heal your feminine, the more you will feel the true power, pleasure, and purpose of your sacred womanhood coming directly from your Womb Space.

Your body is an holy vessel for life to live and move through.

Earth my body. Water my blood. Air my breath. Fire my spirit.

Sing these words, so that you may remember.

The Sacred Feminine way of life is one of initiation, and choosing to remember the beauty of life over and over again. As your sacred feminine energy becomes unbound in your feminine body she will come to the forefront of your being, and therefor the forefront of your life. Stopping to smell the scent of Roses will become sweeter, the softness of your embodiment will become more potent, and the will of the divine will be omnipresent in your life. Choosing to trust the awakening of your Sacred Feminine will bring your home to wholeness.

How to deepen with Sacred Feminine Energy?

Once you are in the divine dance of sacred womanhood, your will begin to cultivate a way of life that gives her space to deepen. Deepening with the Sacred Feminine looks like softness. If the feminine principle of life ensures that women are the bridges and birthers for heaven on earth… then you must first create your heaven on earth. This will make way for your Sacred Feminine to thrive! 

Where can you welcome more softness into your life? How can you cleanse areas of your life that leave you feeling harsh, dense, and separate from your power? 

Defining these questions will support you in creating a life that harnesses the feminine beauty that your soul craves. Because when a woman feels safe, the sacredness of her truth exults. 

The exulted sacred feminine is powerful.

So powerful that it will radically change your life and the lives of everyone around you. 

The work I do in my Sacred Feminine Mystery School, The Vessel teaches your the ancient rituals of internal alchemy needed, so that the sacred feminine can become exulted in your life. 

If your feminine is calling you to deepen, I generously welcome you to come study with us. The alchemy and teachings I am sharing in The Vessel Mystery School are radically transforming the lives of women in our community!!! I would love to see how deeply it will touch your life, and the sacred feminine soul that is your truth.

With deep love, thank you for reading this article. I know that every word spoke to the feminine within that is awakening and emerging in your life. Please share with me in the comments what resonated with you and how you are choosing to deepen with your inner sacred feminine! Remember that I am here if you find yourself needing guidance.

xxx, Taraney Nicole

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