What is Beltane?

Beltane is a time to honor the divinity of life on Earth, with all of her sexy, sensual beauty, abundance, and creativity. Traditionally this holy-day was worshiped as the midpoint between Spring and Summer. In Celtic Mysticism, Beltane honors the heat that comes from the mating of The Green Man and The Earth Goddess. As an ancient tradition, Beltane is a time to pay attention to the necessary ritual of erotic innocence that is needed for life to flourish.

In Celtic history Priestesses would worship the abundance and beauty of Earth through erotic imagery, sensual fires, delightful scents, floral art, and in the Irish tradition a May Pole was crafted to symbolize the union of the Feminine (ribbons) and Masculine (pole) principles of life. The energy around this time is full of love, passion, and fertility. By gathering in community to honor the rhythms and cycles of the Earth, we welcome more of these elements into our life.

It is such a joy celebrate Gaia’s fertility this season. With so much fertility in the air and land, she has much to share with us. Bring it in and through your body, sister! Praise the woman you are and all that is yet to come.

Beltane Women

How to celebrate Beltane?

As modern spiritual women we have to get creative for the ways that we celebrate Beltane! Below I am sharing with you some of my favorite rituals, practices, and ceremonies for Beltane. Share which ones you do in the comments! I look forward to hearing from you 💐

Ideas for Celebrating Beltane ::

+ Go on a walk in nature to gather wild flowers, & create yourself a flower crown! Here is a short DIY video I found on how to make your own flower crowns :: watch it here.

+ Sunbathe Nude ✨ Mmmhmm, that’s right. Basking under the sun on a gorgeous day is one of the best ways to reset your nervous system and be in gratitude for life. Perhaps get yourself a nice oil, lather yourself up with it & kind words. Sit, meditate, sing, and enjoy the warmth of the sun upon your skin.

+ Do a fertility ritual ~ since the key feminine energetic that is celebrated during Beltane is fertility, this is a powerful time call in more fertility. Fertility is the pro-create energy that allows us to birth! Whether you’re birthing children, a business, a lifestyle, garden, or art… this ritual will work for you. There are many fertility rituals, and I will be sharing my favorite during my Beltane Gatherings! One that I can recommend to you here is the Water Ritual.

The Water Fertility ritual can be done by taking a bowl of water, with flowers/herbs into the sunlight. Allow this flowery bowl of water to bask in the sun, being blessed by RA. While this is going on, take time to meditate on all that you’re creating in this season of life. Pray for the fertile energy to come to you and bless your creations. If your desiring child ask the earth mother for her blessing upon your womb. When you feel complete (min 30 minutes), take this bowl of floral water and begin anointing yourself with. Cup the water into your hands and wash your face, womb, heart, belly, anywhere and everywhere. Use up all the water. Once you’re complete meditate in silence and listen for guidance on your creations. 

+ Make a bonfire! Fire is the element that glows with the burning ember of sexual and sensual expression. As an element of passion, working with fire will support you in cultivating that energy within. During the fire make offerings, perhaps let some things you’d been carrying on your go. Talk to the fire. Dance with the fire. Be with it. When it feels safe, hop over the fire for a tradition blessing of fertility. 

+ Host a garden date with friends. We love to gather, and what a better way to spend Beltane than with community. Gather some people you love, take time to talk about what you’re creating in the world, where you’re needing support, and simply enjoy good company! 

+ Make Love in nature ~ in ancient European times, Beltane was a season for mating. Couple would frolic into the forest for the afternoon to make love and swoon in the nectar of Spring. Perhaps you and a lover can wander out and enjoy all the pleasure of living life together!

Let me know which of the 6 ideas you end up doing this year for Beltane! 

Personally I will be doing almost all of these 🤍 On May 1st I will be hosting a big ceremony with women in my local community in honor of Beltane! If you’re in Austin, consider joining us. learn more here :: https://taraneynicole.com/beltane-ceremony/

I am of course hosting a Beltane Ceremony virtually, and this will be on Lunar Beltane, May 5th @ 5 pm cst. This is a gorgeous opportunity to circle with women and deepen your connection to sacred femininity! Join us here :: https://buy.stripe.com/eVa7utcwtaDv4msdQU

No matter what you choose to do this year for Beltane, may you feel nourished and in your radiant feminine glow. You deserve this sister!

xxx, Taraney Nicole

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