Feminine Leadership

Sacred Feminine Priestess Path

How to Embody the Elemental Priestess

The Elemental Priestess is the archetype of the feminine who lives fully in relationship with these living masters. She knows how to slow down and listen to the silent wisdom that weave through every moment. It is this archetype that supports women as they walk the Priestess Path. Because without the elements, the path of feminine healing can feel formless. The difference is like wandering aimlessly versus walking with devotion.

A Simple Hack to Step Into Your Feminine Magnetism

Hello Beloveds! I wanted to share this very quick message with you all around feminine magnetism. This is just a little, piece of this really big expansive topic of Feminine Magnetism.    I made a post, maybe two or two days ago around me questioning the difference between manifestation and magnetism. And I’ve been really …

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