Taraney supports women in nourishing their bodies, deepening their spirituality, and cultivating an inner world of love, beauty, and wisdom. Through online courses, energy healer trainings, private coaching, retreats, and sacred healing sessions we can reweave empowerment into the core of our daily life. Her mission is to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself. Through the sacred arts of yoga, reiki, and intuitive guidance, I pray that my services bring you back into your sovereignty so that you can live a life rooted in personal power and connection to self. Together we are redefining what Feminine Power looks like in the world.​

Sacred Feminine Priestess Path

How to Embody the Elemental Priestess

The Elemental Priestess is the archetype of the feminine who lives fully in relationship with these living masters. She knows how to slow down and listen to the silent wisdom that weave through every moment. It is this archetype that supports women as they walk the Priestess Path. Because without the elements, the path of feminine healing can feel formless. The difference is like wandering aimlessly versus walking with devotion.

Way of the Rose

Way of the Rose

The Sacred Feminine & Rose Medicine For me personally, The Rose is my greatest teacher. She is my guide, my inspiration, and of course my muse. The Mystic Rose is a teacher of compassion, humility, deep devotion, and the true grace that comes through embracing your organic feminine nature. Everywhere we look upon the path of the …

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Feminine Healing

Feminine Healing and how to rekindle your sense of value as a woman

BECOMING A WOMAN OF VALUE Claiming your sense of self worth and value as a woman is a true feminine healing journey.It is a sacred feminine path that leads you to discover all the ways in which you cut yourself short. Feminine healing is about reclaiming yourself after years, perhaps even a lifetime of comparison. …

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